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I've got a Single cab chevy, and i'm wanting to put two 10"s and two 6x9"s in it. would it be better to run both 10"s and the 6x9"s off of one amp, two seperate amps, or the 10"s off the amp and the 6x9"s off the head unit.

additionally, does anyone have any recommendations for two 10" subs, two 6x9"s, or amps for either/both/one?? I've got about a $500 budget, but could stretch a bit.

two 10" adire shivas or cerwin vega vmaxs would be pretty good for subs. the run about 125 each for the shivas, and the vmaxs are about 90-100.
JBL bp600.1 is a very good amp, dont know what they run though. but thats about 500 right there.
for 6x9s infinite make good speakers.

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Yea that sounds about right, I have 2 12'' V-Max's and they pound with the JBL bp600.1, only bad part is the amp is discontinued so you will have to search for one, and yes it is VERY WORTH IT, i got mine off ebay for 152$ with shipping but it was used for about 2 months

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i was looking at the JBL GTO Series GT100 10" 4-Ohm subs.... they any good? run those with that JBL bp600.1?

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i think i'm gonna go with the v-max's rchTerm=90128184&Type=PE&Category=Elec&dcaid=15889

from there. good deal? any more opinions/suggestions are more than welcome.

and, i found the jbl bp600.1 for $203.90... good deal?

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the jbl bp600.1 can be found on for 159.99 renewed and certified by jbl with a 1year warranty

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That CV wouldnt be a bad sub at all (i have also bought from, they were very good). Also run the 6x9s off your HU. They will only play treble for you since youll have subs. So you dont need an amp for good treble (plus it would cut about $100+ off). You would be fine with the JBL 600.1 mono amp, That would work well. I dont know what you have in mind for a box though.

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would the box need to be sealed or ported? a sealed box i can build fine on my own, but i have no expierence building ported boxes.

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Registered: Aug-04 150$ shipped for both 10" VMAXs. a sealed box tends to hold better SQ and hit lower notes while a ported would go louder and take up alot more space. since your in a single cab truck, i think sealed is going to be your best (and easiest) option. it will seem alot louder having the subs right behind you rather than in the trunk of a vehicle. but im more of an SQ guy so thats just MO. BTW the JBL 600.1 is a great amp =)

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The Anon that suggested 10" shivas is smoking something. Shivas only come in 12"
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