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Ok it seems my subs go too low, and i was wondering if I was to get an AudioControl preamp would it make the lows less noticable? I mean too lows probly from my poor qualty amp but still would this help?

The reason I say too low is that it makes some lows unpleasing to listen to, My car is very nicely sealed and and I really want those extra crappy lows out of there.

And No there not Audiobahns

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an equalizer, the lpf, and a bigger box, are u running a sealed or a ported box?

1.00 Sealed, Pound of polyfil per chamber
2RE SE12 subwoofers
(not saying the amp or it will bring me shame)
Id say its the amp, but just looking for thoughts, opinion and ideas, not a hate group.

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how/what are your amp settings?
What is to low?
I'm not all that familiar with the RE SE12's, but 1 cuft doesn't sound big enuf for those subs, just based on the RE's I do know about.
Have u done any adjustments on your h/u, to turn the bass down. I have 1 system that runs at -4 to get the desired bass we like in it. If not it just gets to low and to loud.

The subs go too low for the cars tuning
the RE SE12's require 1.00cuft in a sealed box says so in their web site.
Amp specs
Gain:less than halfway

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Turn the crossover higher, set it around 80 hz if possible. That'll fix a lot of it.

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What type of music are you listening to? Why would too low be a bad thing? What components are you running? Sounds like the sub is overwhelming your components.

amp wont turn on now, arg, I took out thefuse in the power wire so i could work amp wires(previously has has sparks, melting screw drivers, and the car start on without keys) fun adventures be for you die you know? anyway I got my my wires sucre put the fuse back into the power wireand turned the car on servial times and it wont power on, no power protect no light at all. I think some how my remote wire is loose, ill have to check when its not raining.

Too low, not Deep bass.

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check your ground and make sure. I had the same prob. a couple weeks ago, that's what it ended up being.

Will do when it becomes spring, taking subs out for winter, better gass mileage and more wieght on front tires, Ill probly rip out the prevouis wires and buy another kit from Knu and have this Tekla Car Audio do it seince they sell JL think they'd do it right?
resently moved and been in there once, they wouldnt let me test out there 13W7 that I saw out box, on shelf.
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