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what do u guys think about the JBL BP-1200, and BP 150, they will be powering a 18" X.X.X in a SS and a pair of infinity 5.1 componants, i wont be able to put the amp to use untill around march or april of next year on account that the 18" subs are not going to made again untill Dec. so do you guys think i should hold off on the amps till later, cuz they seem good for the money right now and car domain probably wont be carrying these later so do u think i should order those now?

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im sure youll be able to find the jbl bp1200.1 later on as well but if you have no better place for the money right now, go ahead and buy it. i can almost guarentee eBay would have that amp on any given day as well as some other car audio sites. but hey its up to you, now or later its a great amp. i doubt the price will change much between now and december..

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I think he's worried about CarDomain running out of these refurbished guys.


If you don't mind gettin a used amp go ahead and wait, but if you'd rather have a factory refurbished model $200 is a pretty decent price. They might run out by March.


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"The "Direct Connect" terminal block power connectors allow for either 8 gauge or 4 gauge power wire,"

ya, i was also noticing that the terminals only allow 4 or 8 guage wireing? i was planning on using 0 guage for an 18" X.X.X, and is it ok to run a mono amp to componants?

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You only need 4 guage to power an amp of that size, the size of the sub doesn't matter. And no, you can't run a Class D mono to components.
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