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Event PPV chanel not working ?LK5
True south ab5
SinghNeed Help With Programming Dishnetwork Access Card.CyberMaster1
Alternate info and updates,......Check them out if you can.Jake Snodgrass1
Man fined $1,000 for selling illegal satellite TV systemsiamdrumming12
Directv triple Lnb dishkhopadi4
Ariza 700Hc5
****choice fta`SatScanner32
De La Hoya Vs Mayweather fightRanjeet Bins4
Antenna Set-up for Pansat 2700tjtrpe1
Channel Master needed....please helpAbby2
Where can i find chaninfo satinfo and opkey.hex?LK2
Need channel list for pansat 2700terry1
Need channel list for pansat 2700terry1
Who is going to win Cricket world cup finalsada5
DP44 & VS Ultraimnyc5
LK is trying anything to get 10000 BULL SHIIIIIIIT POSTS.PRFRMNJ18
Which reciever is compatible with Dish Pro Plus LNB?Jason Borne3
For those with DEAD VIEWSATLK10
Pansat 2700 99%signal - NoQualitygrub30
NEED HELPANSAT!!!! 2500 tried everything (I think)John Anthony6
How to use Viewsat Xtream?LK2
Cable connecting reciever and tv broke, do i need to replace it or ...Nalin Nyda17
Lk check this outrfra3645@yahoo.com1
Any Possibility of External Hard drive base recording with Viewsat ...Andrea Andrus1
Question for PRFRMNJ, King, LK and anyone who can helpMay12
Need help with finding a channel. Urgent. Appreciate itAlbino Midget2
Download wrong programSenatorS3
Direct tv HD reciever to dn can it be doneurmama2
Help Jtaging a Pansat 3500sdurmama7
Super dishWes2
Educated/Savvy Newbie InquiryWes6
DVD Burners 16X USB 2.0 Dual Layer - Lowest Prices - Super Sale !!!Discount DVD Medias1
Blank DVD Recordable Media - Lowest Prices - Super Sale !!!Discount DVD Medias1
New guy.. pansat 2700a questionsM Senethep41
The kings of all kingsNalin Nyda26
Losing channels when i have 2 STB's on with DP34 switch.LK12
Croat King retiring from FTAHawaiian_time7
Crypted channelbruce l2
BEV questionJason Borne3
Channel 471 or 472 issuesmoney20210
I Want to Buy the Best FTA Receiver Out There!! Which is It??LK16
RE: channels Mr. Skullz2
Neosat iPRO 1000Wes3
Noob here. Please help!King Tapeman4
Enhanced Definition TVKing Tapeman3
Need help for viewsat platinum PRFRMNJ5
Missing Channels after DISEQC installationEdwin Marin7
High Definition TV&Captiveworks600s King Tapeman4
I dont know how to get the two AOV channels with BEV on Nimiq 2, 82...edenman2
Coming out of the closet/ im guy please be understanding .FTALIFE- SUPERMOD24
Missing Zguj and SatNalin Nyda10
Sound Problem on ReceiverFTALIFE- SUPERMOD11
Viewsat vs 2000 platinum liteNalin Nyda19
Looking for bin for lava 2600joe damas3
New with pansat 2700aSatScanner9
I just bought a new Viewsat Ultra and I need help please!Igal13
I can't watch all of the HD programs on BEV, i have a new viewsat u...Igal6
Lock on bell 91, can't find dish net 119john mcguinty35
C00lsat 7000 PVR question?gandoff4
Dish pro 500Jason Borne9
Question for LKLK4
Can V use Sling box with FTA receiver or overseas?Andrea Andrus1
Web threats to surpass e-mail pestsNalin Nyda1
No Hd!!James Lee5
Cool sat 7000 miCro PVRJames Lee2
What's going on??Nalin Nyda14
ViewSat xtreme vs2000SatScanner18
Problem HH motor SG2100+ INVACOMSatScanner25
T binwhere can i findSatScanner11
Deleted Factory SettingsNalin Nyda29
Bin files fo9r ariza extremeAlbino Midget2
Birdie 91 sounds but no picture john doe4
Would LNB be bad if ?LK21
Need help with globecastJason Borne2
Primestar LNBHerb4
Dish keyLuke Smith26
New Keys PleaseLK2
DN help for Pansat 3500SDNalin Nyda19
Trailer park boysNalin Nyda14
Pansat2700 frustrationsomedude8
SW44 & VS Ultra questionimnyc9
Satellite internetPRFRMNJ3
Pansat2700 help...PRFRMNJ2
Satellite internetKing Tapeman2
What other birdie is out there that gives english channelsAlbino Midget7
Need help w/ LNB?King Tapeman24
Flu Problemjilydon1
Dead pansat 3500LK2
ExpressVu through phone lineSatScanner6
How to program PANSAT 3500s(clone)LK6
New Keys & fta supportRTAP3
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