What's going on??


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Just wondering about FTA game.. Its been quite lately..haven't done anything for almost 2 months except one key change..

any thoughts on what might they be up to?

not worried..just wondering

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They are always up to something, however, their options are very limited. Because of the known maprom routines, all that they can do is:

1. change the maproms used so that we have to change bins
2. change the autoroll code so that this feature stops working. Here, we have to change bins, but in the meantime, enter keys manually.
3. move channels around and try to exploit autoTP feature. You will need to do scans for this.

They will try to inconvenience us using those techniques.

However, King has a theory that they are up to something big. I don't know what it is, but I would trust his advice on this. It doesn't mean that they will necessarily succeed at whatever they are trying, but they are definitely trying!

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those are minor inconveniences, with VERY simple 5 minute fixes...LOL

and King is paranoid lately...LOL

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FTA is about as simple as subscribing..even DTV was MUCH more troublesome with weekly hashes and need for a good camID, than FTA is..DN can't do much until they have a card replacement and change their encryption..

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Seems like this FTA game will go on long after your receiver (especially a pansat 3500) dies!

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They are probably waiting until moments before the big fight (Delahoya/Mayweather) and then they will start some sh*t. Let's all of us big fight fans hope not. Should be a good fight. I'm picking Mayweather by decision.

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Kanaka freak...

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Hope the fight night is ok. I pick Mayweather by asskicking.

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They changed the keys like 2 times in one month
Can't you see they are busy testing other stuff
I predict some kind of constant roll over TPs that will frustrate people beyond changing keys
It has been going on for many months

I tell you something
Between now and end of July if we don't see a major change to their structure beyond the usual Maprom I will stop posting here at this forum until end of 2007

If I am right
You need to write me a poem
Plus You take a month off (leave of of absence)
So you don't call me paranoid no more
I will be the boss for that entire month

What do you say?
Deal or no Deal?

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No deal. How about if ur right,cartier leaves,if your wrong,cartier leaves.

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Hellloooooooooo.............! what is going on with the dish network is our team exhausted and not counter attacking the keys Cricket finals are on soon please someone send us the keys dishnetwork is down

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Ms...DN is a sleep in the dugout and "our team" is scoring at will!...hellooooooo!

if U are not scoring at will, then U and your boys are at the wrong field!...cause little to no key changes, and latest ones are posted everywhere..

King...I will be up north at the Cape and Martha's Vineyard for July, and in the Berkshires and Saratoga for August, and rarely on the net...betcha we all will still have DN and Bev then!...U can be the boss anytime U want

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Jason Borne said:
"It doesn't mean that they will necessarily succeed at whatever they are trying, but they are definitely trying!"
They are trying as much (or as little) as the Americans are trying to stop the "illegal immigrants" from Mexico. The immigrants are a boost to American economy. The illegal receivers might deny DN income temporarily, but they are taking away customers from DTV (and Starchoice). Then you find that some customers buy legal DN subscriptions or recommend to others who are reluctant to do illegal viewing but have money to pay for legal viewing.
I have had occasion to recommend DN to friends in USA, who are paying for it, and BEV to friends in Canada who are subscribing. DTV and Starchoice are the losers.

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do you know if the keys have changed, since April 11? I'm not getting anything and I have autoroll turned off
Dish Network:
Key: 00
B8 46 82 2D 29 B6 25 87 8C B1 63 15 24 65 0D 8A

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marlene: Please go to "New Keys" thread.

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