Which reciever is compatible with Dish Pro Plus LNB?


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hello there,
I'm looking for a Dish Pro Plus compatible reciever. I heard xrica x-5 is compatible with Dish Pro Plus LNBs. But, I don't anything about its support. I would like viewsat or koolsat
but I don't know if they are compatible with Dish Pro Plus LNBs. Can anyone tell me which is reciever is compatible with Dish Pro Plus LNBs and has good support. Thanks.

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they are not in all cases....
is a pian in the azz to use DPP whit fta reciver when teh fta is at the limit(or under the limit) of current output at the LNBF conection...
Use a pansat clone, these sh1ts works very good whit DPP in mostly of the times... but not always...

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Here's a good post to give you an answer:



Dish Pro Twin or Quad & Dish Pro Plus Twin

I am going to attempt to clarify what appears to be a big confusion for some and the topic of misquoting for others.

First things first -- Dish Pro Equipment is very FTA Friendly and probably the easiest to set up. It is the setup and understanding of this equipment that give some people headaches. There is a big difference between Dish Pro LNB's and Dish Pro Plus.


- They both have a built in switch which allows for direct connection to the receiver.

- They can be used to bring in the signal of any combination of two satellites provided they are less then 10 degrees apart.

- They work with most if not all FTA Receiver on the market today.

- They can be mounted on a Dish500 dish.


- Power requirement for the Dish Pro Plus is slightly higher then the regular Dish Pro which may create the necessity to either keep a DN Receiver connected to port #1 of the LNB or to use a Power Insert. This will only be an issue if you are running a third LNB. Your FTA receiver will not supply sufficient power for all three LNB's.

- DISEqC Software requirements are different for both LNBs.

- Dish Pro Plus has a built in 3 way switch and one input which allows you to receive signal from two different satellites with the main LNB and add a third satellite by installing a variety of LNB/Dish combination.

- Dish Pro Plus LNB signal can be split when using DN Dual Tuners and a DN Signal Splitter. This will only work with DN Dual Tuners

- You CANNOT split the signal with a regular Dish Pro Twin or Quad LNB.

Dish Pro 34 Switches and Dish Pro Plus 44

READ CAREFULLY -- While you can use a Dish Pro Switch with Dish Pro Plus LNB's, you CANNOT use a Dish Pro Plus switch with a Dish Pro LNB

- Dish Pro 34 switches are very easy to use and install.


- The Dish Pro 34 switch does NOT require an addition power source. You can use this switch with any of your FTA Receivers and NOT need to keep your regular DN receiver!

Only use this switch to run a 3 satellite 4 receiver system with a Dish Pro Twin LNB.

If you are going to run a 2 satellite system and 4 receivers then just use a Dish Pro Quad.

- The Dish Pro Plus 44 switch DOES require a power insert which is provided with the switch. I would NOT recommend using this switch as you really don't gain anything with it unless you are running a complete DN installation and not FTA.

Bottom Line -- You can use Dish Pro Plus equipment and if you want the setups I will be more then glad to help you with it, but it is not worth the headache!

Even if you have a dual tuner which requires the Dish Pro Plus capabilities, you can always run to lines into that tuner from a regular Dish Pro LNB. Not to mention you can combine the Dish Pro 34 switch with up to 4 switches and get up to 12 receivers!

The biggest problem I've seen from people attempting to use Dish Pro and Dish Pro Plus LNB's is performing scans. They end up with repeated channels! There is a technique to performing a perfect scan and is addressed in my follow-up post.

There is no substitute for testing and testing is where you will gain knowledge!

As I said before -- FOR THOSE WHO WILL QUOTE OR JUST REPEAT WHAT I SAY -- I rather you cut and past the information correctly and give credit where credit is due or at least quote the information correctly!

This thread is not open to discussion unless you bring testing knowledge to the table and not what you've read.

OH YES -- for the trouble makers around here, don't bother posting -- YOU WILL BE IGNORED...


To perform a perfect scan when using Dish Pro or Dish Pro Plus LNB's you'll need to reconfigure your antennas.

- Depending on the receiver you are using you will either need to turn the POWER off the LNB for the Satellite you're not scanning or unselect the Satellite.

- Next you will reconfigure your antenna and change the LNB type from either OSC-DP or Dish Pro to Standard.

Everything else stays the same!

- Now just either Sat Scan (For Viewsats) or Blind Scan the satellite for all other receivers. The reason you only do a Sat Scan for Viewsat is because these receivers will automatically search for active transponders and update your list. Doing a Blind Scan with Viewsats while your Network Update Option is ON will cause you to duplicate channels.

- Once your scan is completed for that satellite go back and reconfigure your antenna changing your LNB Type back to OSC-DP or Dish Pro.

Make sure to turn off the power to the LNB or deselect this satellite and repeat the above steps for the next Satellite to be scanned.

REMEMBER -- DishPro Twin/Quad & DishProPlus Twin all have the same switch setting:

119 = 1
110 = 2


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