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latt. 43.4 - long. 79.2 - elev.38.4 ( southern T.O.)
area - hh90 rotor - 33"dish -

plz. tell me if one aiming for linear satt. ( with linear LNB) what satt. must be located first

If aiming for only circular satt. ( with circular LNB) what will be the circular satt. ?
( qph-Invacom is out of budget at the moment )
if circular lnb is placed in centre and linear on side is there any possibility of accessing both linear and circular ?
thanks in advance for any help.

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Hey ab
To answer your questions.
A) AMC-5 @ 79.oW.
B) Nimiq 2 @ 82.oW.
C) YES, but I would place the Liner LNB in the center.

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kevin thanks for your help.
if you read this plz tell me
if some one has TWO diffrent made receiver but one motorized dish (a)can both receiver work ( Ofcourse One at a time ) ?
if so what kind of switch or splitter or what ever one need ?
(b)i ran a test with my motor and maximum towards west i can go is amc 135_10w. is that normal? i was curious if i could go up till echostar 1-2 148w
(c)i don't have few satt. on my magnum xv3300 receiver like 118 etc. is there anyway one can add manualy?
thanks for help

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Hey ab
A) Yes, both of your LNBs must have dual outputs.
Only one (1) receiver to control the motor.
Now, connect one wire from one side of your Circular LNB to a 2 in 1 DiSEqC switch.And one wire from one side of your Linear LNB and loop through the motor to the other side of your DiSEqC switch.

Second Receiver, same as above, only DO NOT LOOP THROUGH THE MOTOR.
NOTE, you could also run the wire from your main receiver to the second one.

B) From your location EchoStar 1&2 @ 148.oW is out of range. The Elevation is 6.8 degree.
As for AMC 10 @135.oW it is on a C Band.

C) Scroll to, (Edit TP / Satellite)
On this satellite name list you will see the word NEW, ( press OK) now, enter the new satellite name by using the numeric KEYS.

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Kevin Reno
thanks for your thorough and quick help...i will carry out this project... LOL !!!
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