Man fined $1,000 for selling illegal satellite TV systems


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Man fined $1,000 for selling illegal satellite TV systems


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A 68-year-old Johnstown man has been fined $1,000 for selling illegal satellite TV systems.

James Richard Nolan, of 30 Elizabeth Street, pleaded guilty Monday to one count of possessing and selling devices that allowed purchasers to pirate signals from U.S. satellite provider Dish Network.

Nolan came to the attention of authorities in March, 2005 when RCMP Constable John Rennick called the accused about a flyer that promised 450 channels, including 45 movie channels.

Nolan told the officer the system cost $500 and that there was nothing illegal about it.

Rennick then notified the anti-piracy office of the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association, which advised the "free to air" system was illegal and could unlock both DishNet and Bell Expressvu.

Later that month, the association sent a representative to Nolan's home where he saw several satellite dishes in the backyard and a lot of electronic equipment inside.

The representative paid $500 cash for a system Nolan said would allow access to DishNet programming, including all the sports and p0rn channels.

Nolan, who admitted he'd been in the business for 20 years, also said the system could be programmed to unlock both Bell Expressvu and Star Choice. However, he said he wouldn't set it up because it would be illegal to pirate signals from Canadian satellite providers.

In early April after Nolan got a shipment of receivers, the RCMP raided his home and arrested him. Along with business records, they seized eight receivers that had been programmed to pick up the Dish Net signals.

While the charges were laid two years ago, the matter didn't come to court as a result of challenges to the legislation.

Prosecutor Brian Evely acknowledged there once was a grey area about the validity of the federal legislation.

"A lot of people thought if you weren't pirating from a Canadian source, you could do that legally," he said. "But the constitutionality of the law has been upheld by the Supreme Court."

Evely argued for a $2,000 fine, noting Nolan had been in the business for a long time and had operated "a fairly substantial enterprise."

Lawyer Deborah Souder suggested a more moderate fine, noting her client had lost his livelihood and is now dependent on government pensions.

Ontario Court Justice Charles Anderson agreed a lesser fine was appropriate given that Nolan had no criminal record and was no longer in business.

"The legislation was under legitimate attack but the court has now decided that is in fact valid," he said.
Published in Section A, page 3 in the Tuesday, April 24, 2007 edition of the Brockville Recorder & Times.
Posted 4:30:19 PM Tuesday, April 24, 2007.

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that stupid bastar*d DESERVED to get busted!..placed an ad"...what a dumbell!

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Canada is very strange, they have stores like best buy or circuit city set up selling fta recievers, they advertise in papers, etc. Usually the only time the police come down is when they open bev.
Then again they can smoke cubans too.

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"they seized eight receivers that had been programmed to pick up the Dish Net signals"

he still had 8 "PROGRAMMED" Dishnet FTA receivers and was running an ad...he's STUPID!

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and he got off VERY easy!...most DTV are $3500-$5000 fines..

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he had too have been from the south

idiots with greed and no organization skills what so ever.

serves him right

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South Canada maybe...the RCMP Canadian authorities busted him..but took 2 years to prosecute, cause they weren't sure of their own laws!...LOL

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LMAO! And after two years that's all they got! LOL

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Now that Canada has a Conservative government in control... you'll see less people getting fined for hacking Dishnet. I've seen a signed letter from our Prime Minister (then just an MP) claiming the reason for the amount of satellite piracy in Canada was due to the CRTC's decisions to keep most of the popular U.S. stations out of Canada, in order to keep Canadian spin off channels from going belly up. He claimed that if his government was to get power they'd revamp the useless CRTC, and when the conservatives get their majority, you'll probably see that very thing happen.

If you got BEV running on your FTA, you know how truly sh1tty it really is compared to Dishnet.

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this one should be a made for TV movie #Introduction

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It's the only way I would see the conclusion.

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I met the guy who got busted a few times. He was very arrogant and felt like no one could touch him. He used to go around selling his dishes and receivers, but for high prices. I remember him trying to sell used DishPro 500 dishes for $150.00 and Viewsat Platinum's for $345.00
No wonder he got busted, arrogance and greed will get you in trouble every time.
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