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Can sombody Please Help me with picking my system!Darcy Wood31
Low Volume ListeningPaul Levin18
Totem Mite Vs Totem RainmakerChristopher M.2
Paradigm Titan vs. PSB Alpha BAnonymous3
Sub and Receiver for Athena AS-B1's + AS- C1 centerEdster92213
Monster THX Speakers, any good?Nuck15
Looking for a good small speakerGavin R. Cumm11
Nxg speakersGavin R. Cumm2
CAT SDAT LEB-404 Hi-Fi Floor Standing Speaker Edster9222
Opitical input on pc speakersNuck4
Geting more out my speakers Tawaun A.Williams32
A different way to do a transmission line enclosureNuck4
BIC AMERICA ?????????????//nikolas stuart wells1
Make your own speaker cable out of cat 5 cablesean1
SDAT LEB-404Mark D'Ambrosio8
Anyone use Orb speakers in a two channel system?Mark McIntosh8
Brahma 15" ported low in home?SREENI14
Do you listenMy Rantz1016
Matching speakers to my AVR235shadow560631
$1500 speakers - stalled decisionNuck22
How close can I get to...Dakulis76
Advise on Mixing and MatchingJohn Krout1
Which speaker setup?Nuck50
Wilson Speakers Ripped Big Time!Jan Vigne143
Breaking periodJan Vigne7
Speaker WireSKendra3
Saving up for this one!My Rantz21
Speakers For Difficult Room/LocationSKendra3
Mission Volar v63Niloch "CH"1
Speaker for Denon AVR - 3805RIK10
Ascend 340 vs 170Dakulis11
Possible Mission/Klipsch match?mitch gathercole1
Speaker wire to 640aJoel Moore1
Epos ELS-303 - Anyone?Rob Lembke2
Anyone heard the focal sat/sub system at TweeterJames Lee4
Speakers For Difficult Room/LocationTed Fitzpatrick2
Ascend 340's minus a subQuinn3
Near Field Listening: Definition and Tactics PleaseJan Vigne2
Bookshelfs or monitors for a small bedroom?Jelvis1
Bass Knob Max?Lovegasoline7
In-wall polk speakersKon Man7
Speakers for XR55?rambula10
Paradigm Reference 20'sNuck6
PSB tweetersNuck14
Couple questionsNuck27
Sensitivity and wattserererererer6
How would you guys compare Polk LSi7s to Ascend CBM-170s?Raj Patel10
Energy C3 vs. Ascend 170Art Kyle17
What The Heck Are These For???Nuck23
Infinifty Overture 2 Amp blownAnonymous2
Monitor 7 Shielding issueStof2
Wireless speaker question.Stof5
The ProblemEdster9224
Subwoofer FeedbackJan Vigne8
Good value speakers to match a Yamaha HTR-5860 (or similar class re...Sumanto Banerji10
Marketing (Stereo vs Audio/Video Speakers)Stu Pitt9
Elac Jet SpeakersThey sound good too2
Orb audio vs rosa lcrDakulis6
Polk Audio FXi3 for stand-alone stereo speakers?uncle rico5
Can I wire my "B" speakers as rear surrounds without damage?Nuck7
4 old analog speakers in a surround system?Nuck2
JBL Studio "L" SeriesCory skoda5
Hiding speaker wirePatrick L11
Epos ELS-3: Non-existent low-end?Christopher M.8
Mission M31i's with a MarantzChristopher M.5
Sold my speakers once againEdster92215
This thing makes SHAQ look small!!!Nuck13
Yes, Marantz can drive 4 ohm speakersPatrick L9
Focal-JMLab Cobalt 806SJon.S1
What should i know about magnaplanar speakersGavin R. Cumm8
Buy Ascends or ParadigmMarc Sherman116
NEW Ascend Speakers!!!!!!!!!!Marc Sherman17
Any experience out there for rear speakers???Jan Vigne2
Newby needs new rear and center speakers for older systemEdster92219
Digital or Optical connection?Marc Sherman4
Outdoor, In-Wall SpeakersJan Vigne2
Help Me Spend $ 3000.00 (Speakers only)Art Kyle42
Help Speakers WantedChristopher Paul18
Help WantedRebecca Lazan4
BIC Acoustech HT-75 and HT-65??Kay Nguyen2
Velodyne SPL-1000Rbryman7911
Driving capabilityerererere9
Question for Edster..Edster9222
Building my own speakersfps_dean5
Cerwin Vega V-15FTyler1
Will it hold mebill hankins3
Here it isbill hankins2
Repairing 30 yr old Bose 501's?Tawaun A.Williams18
Metal spike for floor standing speaker on wooden floorJan Vigne53
Doesnt belong here but?Anonymous4
Infinity SM115 / Mirage S10 opinions?Robert Soares2
Dynaco Active NF25A Powered MonitorsJan Vigne2
Acoustic Energy AELITE Three - Anyone knows ?Anonymous14
Speaker Coversfps_dean9
Speaker setupfps_dean3
Does Paradigm Make a Recessed Center Channel Speaker?Art Kyle2
Paradigm Reference SeriesIronfist36
Opinions and answers needed: 2.1 system for $2500 or lessBen12345614
Silverline Audio & Totem AcousticsFrank Abela16
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