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Infinity TSS-4000 or polk RM7300?Christopher Lee12
Speaker ConnectionsJan Vigne4
ProAc - Revel - B&W - Totem???Art Kyle57
HELP NEEDED: Loudspeaker system for Harman Kardon 635Peter Verebelyi1
Is my L-Pad going to crap?Mike451
Cables for Epos ELS-3 SpeakersJan Vigne3
I think my ears are permanently listening fatigued...?Jan Vigne8
Ripping CV wooferPaul6
Speaker capsJan Vigne15
Please help. I rearanged my room&stereo and it sounds like crap now...Paul Bayless3
7.1 surround setupKEGGER31
Suggested speakers for Fisher 500CJan Vigne4
List of MUSICAL bookshelf speakers for auditioning...Tawaun A.Williams18
Adding a subwooferStof5
WOW! the SDAT SB 639 Ds are stunning,amazing!John Wagner201
Infinity RS6Stof3
Suitable speakers for Cambridge AudioGary Sargeant6
Polk LSi seriesjoseph coulson5
MidrangePeter Galbraith45
New Speakers Somphon Potisophon5
Six ohm speakersJaime Garcia5
KefKit speakerasJames Wilkes1
JBL speakersjoseph coulson16
Ascend CBM 170s vs. Alegria Audio LingsDakulis220
Opinions Wanted: 2-way monitors under $1KTimn8ter25
Soundstaging and ImagingJan Vigne81
Rear center channelCory skoda8
Custom speaker covers, clips????Stu Pitt7
Speaker box fillerJan Vigne2
Music surroundsjoseph coulson5
Clipping Tawaun A.Williams14
New family room speakers. im lost.Jace Edlund8
Sensitivity trade offJan Vigne9
Re-wiring speakersPaul Bentley2
JMlab Chorus 706 S vs PSB Image B25 - what I heard...Jan Vigne48
Mid range hornJan Vigne22
Jamo E855 floorstanders, opinions?Stu Pitt3
Best Receiver fro Paradigm Reference SystemArt Kyle2
Question about what speakers would be good for what im doing...Dakulis7
11x B&W looking for.mike1
Crossover changemixneffect6
Jan, Help! - electrostatic questionsmixneffect9
Pair of speakers reqd for bathroom to fgo with Pioneer VSX912Kharish venkataraman3
$500 speakers with the best imaging that you know of? Peter Galbraith50
Question on power handlingPeter Galbraith35
Recommendations for B&W type sound at lower priceskareb32
The best speakers for my system??Peter Galbraith50
Athena AS-B2 vs Infinity Beta 20neil4
Audition CDJan Vigne3
Home Theater Sub Woofer ProblemTimn8ter6
How much did you pay for your B&W speakers?Stu Pitt5
Klipsch RF-10 speakers matched w/Carver 900?Peter Galbraith6
Magnepag MMG good match with Adcom GFA-545?Art Kyle2
Classical SpeakersTimn8ter26
Timbre matching for 7.1 and multchannel frequency listingDakulis11
New home audio projectJan Vigne15
Voice matching Boston Acoustics VR-12Devils Advocate6
Popping Center Polk CSI-5Anonymous5
$8500 to spend! suggestions welcome!TheMountainKing!16
On a set of speaker wires, which is negative and positiveODJR3
$600 bookshelvesjoseph coulson8
Hmm.. decision time on value speakersDanman17
Fluance speakersCharles Herbert11
Dynaudio 42 vs PSB image 25 vs paradigm mini monitorhursh26
Great deals on Polk Audiounbridled id9
Any Rush (Canadian band) fans out there?Anonymous14
Non amplified music experiencesJohn A.84
Matching speakers for Cambridge audio azurRobert Gray1
Bi-wiring your speakers?joseph coulson11
Resonance FrequencyAngsuman Roy7
DIY Speaker questionTimn8ter22
Ohms MicroWalsh Talls after 1 year of ownership (warning long post...Doe Jr.46
B&W 704s with Yamaha receiver/ampArt Kyle3
Maybe...?Frank Abela4
What's with the subwoofer forum?Devils Advocate2
"NXT Flat Panel speakers" (at Brookstone of all places!)...angsuman4
Subwoofer setup help?Peter Galbraith15
Fron vs rear portFrank Abela5
Best floorstanders for a $1000 and underAuntie Cyberspace119
Bose audioPaul83
Taking the plunge and I need help!Richard2
Narrowed to 2! (Paradigm & Athena)Art Kyle22
Im backPaul11
Front vs rear port????Paul7
Considering Infinity and Ascendneil9
Kenwood 7x10 speakers limited and a let down.John Cee1
Can a speaker be EQUALLY good for ALL music types?Paul52
Closeout Bargain Deals on Blueroom PodspeakersStof2
Speaker grillsJames Lee10
Centre speaker choiceD B1
Old speakers versus new speakers Art Kyle35
Subwoofer cable helpEdster9228
Caution on ATHENA purchases. No Returns PolicyRick Zmiejko1
Need speaker suggestions for 35'x45'x11' concrete roomPeter Galbraith9
Outdoor Speakers or Wireless?John McA11
Distortion problem?jay cuba2
Paradigm Monitor 7 ComponentsNicholas DiPrenda2
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