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DLS MS6A components[...Rovin...]2
F/s - 2 AA Havoc 15s, Sundown 3000TWiZTiD40
Strictly SQ subwoofersDrizzy41
F/S 2 21" Incriminator Audio Wardens - $750Troy Jones22
Sound deadnerSKD18
Sundown Nighshade 15, Fi BL 15, or DC XL 15sean10
Son will be home from iraq soon!03mach18
Dual or Triple alternator bracket saleTroy Jones22
Looking for some big boy 15sGlassWolf17
Lookin for some good midbasssean5
Passive radiator question???sean10
Sub vs subsean9
Need Opinion for Subssean14
Ot: what do you think?sean13
Audioque HDC4[...Rovin...]12
EXTREAME cold+subs= ???GlassWolf10
Trying to start a Car Audio student group at my collegeTWiZTiD16
Isobaric push pull vs portedGlassWolf5
18 bl aq 1200GlassWolf16
Look what i finely finished doing.sean18
Dose and one know why....sean9
Enclosures and displacementGlassWolf3
Box for a s10TWiZTiD12
Wrong section but speaker questionsean18
So theres a car show in GA, any one in the area want in?deathoob7
Another Sealed vs Ported DilemmaGlassWolf4
Steer me in the right direction please GlassWolf34
Diamond d6 or d3 15??sean4
Help me? Kyle Longbrake10
Canaan or NickCanaan19
Which is 15" sub is the bestlOwLiFe9
OT- Downloading Audio Ben Quirk9
The question everyone hates...Daniel Bonham30
What do you think?Eric Riffe4
Component Speakers. Experience needed pleaseM.S.11
A little help pleasedeathoob10
Tejcurrent Warden Rebuild- 2 21s in a TahoeTroy Jones63
Sub question justin loew3
Sub question, seriouslyEric Riffe43
Which sub and compents for my amps and HU?khaesaechao3
OT: looking for a good set of earplugssean14
Need a box for my bro's subJoEmArTiN4
Wiring helpdeathoob5
Help picking a new sub.sean12
Getting a smaller pully for Alternator got a questionMotha Ducka62
What is high QTS?Will French18
BIG box...sean19
Pair of 15"s that will handle 7k dailysean29
DD 1508 (questions)sean7
OT: home theater GlassWolf24
2 12" type r's for 50 bucks? should i buy?sean18
Good to have low frequencies again.sean8
Got my subs today!sean11
Stupid ideasean22
Best spl subssean31
8 gauge speaker wireGlassWolf14
Thoughts on combo to 18 aa havocs on a zapco c2k 9.0Maximillian Arango8
OT: WTT: Power Acoustik PTID-8970NRB & 12" RE SE D4 Eric Riffe6
SSA Icon vs Fi Q vs AA HavocNolan Paul27
OT: FS: MB Quart 6 1/2" Reference Series Brand NewEric Riffe8
I might change things up so I got a couple questionsMotha Ducka14
Little box....big box...M.S.27
Need some helps buying new subs...deathoob27
OT: Pics of your rides-Eric-106
Great deal anyone wants a 2000-3000w ampM.S.12
Learn how to make car amplifiersMotha Ducka3
Random chat for ericEric Riffe20
Should i Upgrade?deathoob7
Box tuning questionWill French7
Subwoofer UpgradeSean P10
Alumapro BP-12Kounnavong3
AQ2200D or Saz1500DM.S.5
Help Understanding PleaseJoe1
Powermaster D2700Snow1
Subs not working!deathoob3
Looking at getting a box built Thomas11
Box tuningtyler sliva1
Totaly OT but please helpwayne felix4
OT: @ dblk - Golf Alt?sean2
Getting a new sub.Nolan Paul9
This Pains Me To Do But.....For Salesean16
What direction should my subs face?sean11
Wiring QuestionWill French21
Anyone have an rli 10sean17
Canaan (or anyone who knows DD's)sean15
Difference between kicker compvr and kicker compvr aluminizedsean3
OT - Gymkhana 3 Part 2Mark Highland14
Comparable 10 inch sub.sean4
Boxes. Bassman3 vs. this guyBassman323
SPL Comp/MeetI'm not gay but $20 1
Hey troydeathoob15
Opinions on Sub/Amp Set-up?Trevor31
You like video games???[...Rovin...]13
Need a amp that will push ~200 watts @ 4ohms for my g/f's cardeathoob9
New Alpine Type R 10sG.I. Rob.3
BOX HELP ASAPSinful Systems Inc.©7
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