Son will be home from iraq soon!


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so heres what i have readily available: 2x jl audio 10w0-4's 1x massive p1000.1 mono amp. 1 pioneer deh-p3500 head unit.
my sons currently defending our freedom and i want to surprise him with some nice toons in his 1995 camao. i am pretty handy with the woodworking and can build something to specifications. the head unit is aleady installed in the camaro and it has the 5 speaker bose set up. i would like to upgrade those speakers at a resonable cost as well, as the driver door stock amp and speaker are on the fritz.anyone have a design that would sit in the rear storage area for the 10's we have? i've seen the qlogic units that fit very well in that area as well as the ones on ebay, but i would like to make something myself rather than pay alot of money for that. any box designs and/or sugestions are appriciated. he likes the loud bass music that gives me a headache but this is something i think would be a for sure surprise to him lol. he would never suspect the old man of doing something like this for him.

update** i have also bought 2 sets of alpine sps-600 speakers for the doors and back seat. hope they were a good purchase. i also now have a 600 watt 4 channel amp to use for the 4 6 1/2's. i need a box design now for this camaro. anyone here have any plans for a box i can make ?
i thank you all in advance for any plans you may have.

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i would be glad to help you with a simple design. please just let me know the dimensions you have to work with so i can try to design something that will fit.

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the only problem i see is the 10 w0's only handle like a 100 rms each and that massive amp is 1000 watts youll blow them even with the gain all the way down

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Let me see if I have this correct...
The subs are rated at 300wrms if they are the 10"W0v2.
Two 4ohm subs wired together would run the subs at 2ohms.
That amp at 2ohms produces 500wrms.

If that is correct, then that amp will be perfect for them.

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2 hifonics 2607s, 2dcSounds12xls SPL\idmax12SQ

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my bad i forgot they came out with new versions....thanks for the correction

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the 10w0's are 10w0-4 if that helps. from what i have found they are 125w.rms 250w.max and amp at 4Ohm=320 w. 2Ohm=540 w.
JLAudio suggest .75ft. per sub. Ill measure the rear storage area and post the dimensions shortly. another question regarding adding the 600w amp for the four 6 1/2" speakers, now i will lose fader capability im assuming but i dont think that will matter with all four getting equal power right? and it is going to be a pain cause i have to locate that amp in rear of the camaro as well. so will be running all new wires to the 6 1/2"'s from the rear of vehical. what a pain. he will appriciate it though.

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You should not lose fader controls if you run your rcas from the h/u. I'm happy for you, I've had several friends come back recently and they were really glad to be home.

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What branch is your son in? I'm sure he will like the nice surprise. You have no idea how much it means to someone who is coming home from that god forsaken place to be around family again.. My dad did something similar for me when I returned and I will never forget that memory.

As for your questions for the camaro, everyone here seems to know their stuff pretty well. I feel I do not know enough about car audio to comment yet..Thats the reason I came to Ecoustics to learn more about my passion from people w/ more experience and knowledge than I.
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