Component Speakers. Experience needed please


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Hey before I bought a set of 6.5" CDT HD-62 Components. 1742466?pt=Car_Speakers&hash=item1c15052302

For comparison...... they sounded great at first, but I had some problems with the tweeters cutting out due to the db boost switch in the crossover and the eq on my deck. After while the glue came undone on 1 of the tinsel leads on the woofers, couldnt reconnect it and after the tweeters got old the set was done for. Eventually I wrecked my car and lost the set anyways, oh well.

This will be run off of a Kicker zx450

4 ohms: 150 watts x 2 chan.
2 ohms: 225 watts x 2 chan.

I want a 6.5" set thats better than this cdt set, although the SQ was good enough for me. I want it to sound a little better and maybe be a little louder, but mainly just be SOLID and last along time. I dont want to be worrying about the speakers breaking down.

My budget is around 500. This is for front components only. The mids will be in kickpods on the floor, and the tweeters up higher.

I have been out of car audio for along time, any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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I dont know much about 3 way speaker sets or how I would INSTALL it. But I am open to ANY ideas. Does anyone have any opinions on running 2 way or 3 way?

THIS WILL BE IN A 2 DOOR OLDSMOBILE ALERO. Probably front speakers only.

The 3 way cdt sets look nice. I think a 3 way set would sound pretty good in my car. If its 3 way I am willing to pay a higher PRICE $$$.

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go on ebay & look at DLS or Morel - u cant wrong with either 1 ...

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or DynAudio, or Focal, or Seas, or Rainbow

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Rainbow is nice but $$$$$

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Do either of you have any models from those companies that u would reccommend?

Anyone else?

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i personally like my Polk Audio MOMO MMC6500, how ever i think they would sound better if they where ran active with a 8" thrown in with them or a 4" not sure where there missing some SQ but they sound great unless you have really good ears or have a SQ judge pointing things out to you, the tweeters i have been told are dead on though.

heard good things about the Bravox Audio CS60CF Components.

or you can make your own using the parts you like the best and run active.

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focals impressed me

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If you were running an amp, and u were willing to spend around $700 for these front stage components, what rainbow or focal set would you choose?

150 watts x 2 chan. @ 4 ohms
225 watts x 2 chan. @ 2 ohms

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CDT had some problems with those HDs. They sound good while they last, which unfortunetly is not too long sometimes.

If you like their sound check out the ES line, which sound a bit better even and haven't had any quality issues.
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