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I want to design amps. Right now I am in my first semester of getting an electrical and electronic certificate(taking residential wiring for first 7 weeks, then next 7 weekds electrical circuits). Next semester electronic components and applications and logical control systems. So my question is, will I know everything there is to know about amplifiers after this? If not, what other classes to take? Thx

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my goal is to eventually have my own company preferably or work for someone else, so yea, let me know what you think.

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I have a friend that is an electrical engineer and he knows how to build amplifiers. Idk if that much education is absolutely necessary to actually build them, but If you plan on making a business out of it I would say you would want atleast an electrical engineering degree just so that your customers will have confidence in your ability to construct a safe and good quality product.

If you just want to build them recreationally Im sure that you could do some research online, talk to other people that build them(there is a forum for damm near everything), maybe try to get a job with a company that builds amplifiers to build up experince.

I doubt it will be easy or cheap to build high quality amplifiers especially because you will probably need high end testing equiptment.

Good luck. Cut me a deal when you get a good product out there!

Ive thought about it myself, but personally I would do some research and just tinker with it until I got it right, because I wouldnt really plan on selling them. More for my own enjoyment of having my own custom amplifier in my car.

If you eventually made something you would have a bunch of testers on this site lol.
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