Thoughts on combo to 18 aa havocs on a zapco c2k 9.0


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what do you think is it a good idea im about to buy a saz 2500 but i had a dream lol that they were on a zapco would it be worth it and would it work on the 2ohm version

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Username: Arangov3

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i ment 2 not to my bad its to early

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1 15 = 153 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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zapco is pretty expensive - how much r u paying for it ...

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I have no personal experience with Zapco but as long as i have known they have been a quality product. Although i haven't heard anything lately.

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zapco i though was a SQ amp company....

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yah but still 2000 watts and its under rated and i can get it for a grand

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A sq amp? R u serious? I've never seen amps being classified as sq or spl. But if I'm wrong enlighten me. Wats a sundown amp considered? How about a Zed amp?

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Username: Arangov3

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Registered: Mar-10
but i over looked if it would work which version should i get the 4 ohm or the 2 ohm HELPPPPP how would i wire this beast
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