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Ok, so I have no idea about anything sub related, but I wanted to get my boyfriend a new one (I'll get him the amp later) for his birthday in a few weeks, since his caught on fire when we were driving the other day. (pretty scary D: )
I got about 350 bucks to spend, maybe a little less/more.
Of course I want it to be the loudest...hehe I like it loud too...
so thanks! :D any suggestions on the amp would help too

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If space is available, 2 subs with lower power to each will give you more loudness than 1 higher powered one, in general.

I'd suggest 2 Audioque SD2.5's and an AQ 1200d amp.
Their stuff is really good value for the price.

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I'm pretty sure he wanted one, since that's what he had before.
I was looking at the Alpine type x?
Is that any good for the money?

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there are better things for the money.

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^ x2

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Do you want it to get loud and don't really mind how musical it sounds? Or would you rather have something that will get loud and still sound good? Do you know how much power he was running? Did what he have sound ok to you guys? If not, what was it missing and what would you want different this time around? Also we need to figure out how the sub caught on fire. Subs normally don't do that You wouldn't want to get a new sub then have it get bar-b-qued.

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The power range you are shopping in will determine everyones recommendations, also what kind of car is it going in?

I have a like new alpine type-x 12 I'm selling for 150 right now. from my experience it is a very good sounding sub that still gets pretty loud. There are louder subs out there,but the type x really wasn't made for just getting loud though.

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those are about the 2 best places online to buy some good stuff nowadays ....

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Right now one of the best deals for quality low power subs (600rms) is the Skar audio 12 for like 135. I really want to use an azz of them in my truck but they just don't handle the power I want to give. If I had a 1000 watt system that would be my choice for the price. The Icon is also on sale in the Sound Solutions Audio store. tt-rms-subwoofer-release/

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wait wait wait...i think we are skipping over something here

there is definitely something wrong if his old one just caught fire while you were driving. take these guys suggestions seriously because they know what they are talking about, but please make sure you have everything installed by a professional, and hopefully reputable car audio shop.
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