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New to subs need some adviceM2
'91 Accord > NickVStavenmist3168
Ok, maybe im wrong, maybe notYanks Fan29
Amp Running 1200 rms at 2.66 ohms????Yanks Fan4
Replacement Subs for 2 Polk SR124sravindra maathura1
Alpha recone...Steve Miller4
Fi q 12" options, box buildChris Duprey3
Fi q 12"tyler sliva8
Box building helpcaptain america4
PLEASE HELP Subwoofer Volume Dropping Drmatically Than Picking Up R...SPL Ninja6
MY subs Aint LoudKevin Duckwitz17
Hard Hitting Subspeter Kwon22
6-15" RD Audio Alpha Wall BuildPaul Larrea5
AQ HDc3 vs. ????Cozce tha don19
Any one want to trade my 15s for ur 12s?kyle6
5K systemHunter Dias26
Fi helpD-money5
Smells?Mark Scafetta19
Sub problemSnow13
H/u hooked up no sound what could it be?Snow8
Bringing Back That ChatSnow56
Need a measurment of how to build 12" woofer boxMark Brockman3
I am wanting to build my first box.......2 loud 4 you31
Noob need help with speaker boxJohn37
Stupid stupid noob mistake help quick!!!!M28
Question that has been on my mind forever!M.S.14
300 HO alternator?M.S.8
Kicker l7 and ampM.S.5
A little something differentP.rick24
Jl audio 1000/1 for 3 kicker cvr'sMark Brockman19
I got a RE XXX for my bdayMark Scafetta21
What Songs Will Hit Hardest In My MustangM34
Fuse burningSomeDonnieDude11
Chrysler 300 m. help any1!!!Chris Marshall26
Kicker l7 12 in 94 honda civic ???lOwLiFe3
Sort portStavenmist31610
Box for 1 12" Fi QErik LaCoy1
Kicker sx1250.1 settings- can they get anymore confusing?!Raycist3
Best set up for my priceRaycist6
Wisconsin/illinois comp?M30
Back from LafayetteMark Brockman42
AdvantechBenjamin Lukas Kenne1
12" Fi SSDErik LaCoy1
Fi Q or BL???Erik LaCoy17
New Revo Vid***Wickedbass16
JL W6 or W7?charlie32
What do you think ?Benjamin Lukas Kenne7
Jl10w7 or alpine swx1043djeremy m2
Cerwin vega vmax 122?Erik LaCoy1
12" Fi QPaul Larrea10
12" Fi QErik LaCoy1
Best 12" Sub for about 500rms?M12
Batteries i can get... u should buy someBenjamin Lukas Kenne3
Displacement of RD alpha 12"?Thieves2
Cerwin vega vmax 122s?Erik LaCoy1
JL10W6 ?David Ulrich11
Installed today, Moar Midbass mofo mayhamJulian5
Troy Jones SomeDonnieDude16
Aero ports and box terminalsP.rick22
Help fast !!!michael foland9
100 amp power supplies at CC for $100Steve Miller2
Any guesses- just for the fun. yup i'm boredMark Brockman14
Something's wrong!MisterLDR16
Kicker Or Fosgate?Benjamin Lukas Kenne2
Box build for RD Audiosean20
Power Acoustik of Kicker?MisterLDR5
Figuring out something??Mark Brockman6
CanaanMark Brockman9
WALL IDEAS/ QUESTIONSBenjamin Lukas Kenne18
Its alive Mark Brockman20
Ring TerminalsMat *****9
The sbn and inac trip log from scott sMark Brockman2
SubMark Brockman11
Got a lil more done todaySnow20
RE AUDIOBenjamin Lukas Kenne4
Anyone selling any fi,tc,re etc quality subs?bruce moore10
Loudest 10'sBenjamin Lukas Kenne9
Powerbass amp??? premier sound5
Interfire Pro-V10"UNKNOWN8
Box build for Zman3 Mark Brockman8
Sub Purchased! Need help with enclosure. Opinions on setup!M.S.12
Box build for bruinfan124 M.S.2
Blew my window out todaySteve Miller14
Box build for jshak07Mike Ingram1
Box build for Atk2008 Mike Ingram1
Box build for bigcoupebmw Mike Ingram1
Box build for HankMike Ingram1
6x9 who makes the best?Brad Warren11
New Vid since upgradesAndrew Capps34
3OH!3Mark Brockman2
DD on Street Customs (WCC) this Thursday!I'm not gay but $20 12
Amp and subs questionMark Brockman6
Van update.hoBenjamin Lukas Kenne10
Ideas for SPL sub!Mike Woestenenk74
Which sub?Donald Bickel6
Northstar batterySPL Ninja11
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