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JL W7 vs. Kicker L7Cron6
3 kicker comp vr + jbl 1200.1Cron4
Rockford Hx2 or Audiobahn?Cron5
Audiobahn advise neededAnonymous22
Are infinity kappa perfect any goodAnonymous16
Online company for sub box suppliesAnonymous1
SUB BRANDSFreddy Jones9
Brahma MK II, What AMP?!?!?!Robert J5
Kicker sub and amp comboBraddon Calloway3
DVC Audiobahn AW1200QBlake Lindell2
GlassWolf - Slot Ported Boxes on Ebay - From previous post Rick Reuben3
Oz Audio Subs?Mike George1
Why isn't there different combonations of sub sizes??GlassWolf5
Car Subs to HouseAnonymous10
Adire shiva or JL?Anonymous2
Good dvc subs?Someone3
79 ford bronco / subsKevin5
W6 or L5????GlassWolf7
Orion H2 15 inch or Cerwin-Vega Stroker?Mike George12
VIBE SPL15 any comments?swan2
RE new monster sub..?DAMN15
Thoughts on the Rockford Fosgate subs?hiphopanonymous7
New and need recommendations on system componentsDemonAlcohol1
What box size?Patrick Lorenz2
Does anyone know Patrick Lorenz3
Question for whomever may know.Patrick Lorenz4
ECLIPSE subs... Small enclosure?!?!?!bpodi7
Whats the advantage (MTX)GlassWolf3
Where can i get a mtx 8500 or 9500?cron2
SetupZach Ludwig1
What about a MTX 9500, 8500?Kevin2
Rockford RingsPatrick Lorenz1
Is this sub good???chas d5
Quick questiongood guy4
I want 1 15 and need help on what to chooseits_bacon1210
Vented enclosurechas d5
Stryke AV12 MKII vs 12Kv.2 vs Comp vr 12Nosramus1
W6's better than W7's ????Anonymous4
ENCLOSURE helpGlassWolf2
Alpine type-e comments?Anonymous5
BD 1000.1 amp but no subsKevin4
What should i get?Kevin4
Subwoofer placementkennyman5
Subs for a 97 cavalierKevin2
DVC audiobahn subs/ wiringKevin2
Brahma 10 vs. JL 10w7Anonymous7
Help me with set up for 96 civic trunk- 2 subs, 2 ampsIan8
VQ seriesPeter Kauffmann1
MA audioJason Mays2
Adire shiva or Kicker Compkickercomp4
94 Talon Sub QuestionGlassWolf4
Would a JBL PB600.1 do a Brahma justice???Anonymous1
Can't afford what i want...what to do?GlassWolf6
Fuzz in my highRobert J5
Kove Subs?! need some informationTJ9
Sub wiringRobert J6
What sounds betterPatrick Lorenz4
Amp selectingRobert J4
4ch briged to monoAnonymous5
Sub questionsits_bacon125
Port placementGlassWolf6
Can i do this with a port?GlassWolf4
Jl audio W7 vs. Kicker sobitronicsGlassWolf5
Power handlingGlassWolf4
Ohm loadGlassWolf9
Inverting subsGlassWolf6
Sony amps with polk-momo subs? crazy set-up?Ian1
Kicker L712's.... Best for price?Mark311
Subwoofers won't playboister774
Playing Subs In Free Airboister775
Best box for 1 JL W6v2sure_132
Orion Hcca12d - VS - Adire shiva 12its_bacon123
All About Ports GlassWolf5
How many ohms would this produceltroastabatch2
Setup in hatchJevon Staffieri3
3 JL W3's with a MTX 800 watt class D ampsam law9
$200 for a 12" Sub DVC 2+2Steve Mervau1
Alpine question.Kevin2
On off switchAnonymous7
Help please with my ppi a600.2Anonymous5
MJl Audio or KickerRobertJ4
Getting the most from audiobahn aw1251tjohn doe5
Will this crossover work as a subsonic filter on my L710???GlassWolf10
What sounds better for a Truckmrtoosic1
Sub boxjeremiah hawkins2
Adire Shivas vs. old e12ksJeremy6
Quick Sub/Amp Question???GlassWolf4
Amp for 2 X 12" Subs (1000 watts each)Wahl2
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