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Tell me if I have this right...

As long as the box is built to the correct airspace for a given sub, it doesnt matter if you drop the sub in or invert the sub, is this right? And if it is right, whats the benefit in inverting the sub, and does this work for sealed and vented enclosures?

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well it depends on what you mean by "correct airspace" the airspace will change if you have the sub inside the box or inverted, and it depends on big the sub is. I have heard people say it is louder if you invert them. I just think it looks stupid. If you have a nice box and everything is built right, the sub should sound as good as it is capable when it is put in normally.

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I dont think it looks bad at all. Its what more people should do with there subs. It wont change anything...correct me if i am wrong.

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just make sure you adjust you airspace accordingly. when you invert a sub, the airspace that it used when it was mounted normally is no longer being used. the only benefits i see are showing off your basket and magnet if they look nice. also, your sub may run a bit cooler since all of the mechanics of the sub will be exposed to an open air environment.

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Yes, you would have to minus the air space the sub would normally take up inside. But i say go for it! Too many people think there is a wrong and right way. I say Car audio is an ART!

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inverting will work for any enclosure, yes.
it only affects displacement and thus net volume.

it's only done for looks, to be different.
no effect on the sound.
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