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Where can I buy flared ports online? How much port area????Chad "Built To Last"8
Bassman3 bassman32
Help, AMP KEEPS FRYING with Kicker 15L5 Kyle Longbrake20
Are the DB meters sold at walmart acurate, made by schocheB9
I gots a problem!!mat dope4
Best Sub On The Market!arslan15
Check out thread titled: " Fi sub names "02GPpIMPIN17
Need help with this system im about to getLogan11
Is legit?Joseph Waiau8
Amp help guysMr_Kebo2
T3 Audio 2006 TSNS 15'sjoe blanford13
Could I hookReece Brassler1
Q18 D1 FTMFW!!!-Eric-34
150 DB's-Eric-17
My turnbernyMAC13
Memphis mojos!!! insanly loudklez24
ED Codes??charlie8
T3 Audio 2006 TSNS 15'sjoe blanford1
I'll never get to hear my SD2.5s!!!!Jordan Singleton37
Is this good?blaine westropp1
*pics* 1st at FinalsAndrew Capps31
Crystal pro seChaunceysaurus Rex6
Need a sub!!!!!!Justin Ogle25
OT: *for sale* concept CSP18, 4000 wattts RMStrey goettling13
How to destroy a boxNeo42015
I need another SX 15![Kéviñ_Previé]9
Best Low Budget Components[Kéviñ_Previé]46
Kicker KX2500.1 or Orion HCCA-D5000Rickey10
Noob questionReece Brassler4
Dual lug wiringSean4
Is this possible....blaine westropp4
Boston Acoustic G1 SubsHarry Balls3
Big 3 helpJ B5
Iraggi vs excessiveJ B53
Goin Deaf's System...OMG!Goin Deaf32
CAR VS. VAN OR S.U.V.Yanks Fan5
15" spl subsphillp35
Just wonderingk13
Five 4ohm voice coils = ?ohms / will i burn my amp?Andrew Capps15
Dual 4 ohm or dual 2 ohm?ty mutlow4
Question. its making me mad..Seth Lowe7
Ohh lookie what i recived today...Chad Lee24
How to set the gain??richard12
Need help.richard4
Comp VR vs Type RLogan4
Help :-) please...Logan18
Ho alt installBassrace Boy11
Box BuildersMr_Kebo17
Is it ok?Matthew Montano9
Amp wire installation helpSinful Systems Inc.6
Is there a way??james caroll8
Anything else worth looking atBri An27
Spl sq sp ? wat? newb question[Kéviñ_Previé]13
My van a year ago!!ROB BROWN5
Which one..The Doktah14
SQblaine westropp8
Calculating Amps as in Current......RuthlessRyda5
Subwoofer RepairYanks Fan4
Mr. KeboReece Brassler3
Multiple subsYanks Fan8
I gots a problem!![Kéviñ_Previé]18
Four 12's and a amp =)juliob10
Finisht my box w/ PicsAndrizzle20
Audioque vs. kickerDrSmithHD311
15" spl subs[Kéviñ_Previé]5
My wall project[Kéviñ_Previé]60
Songs peaking at what frequencycharlie11
Four 12's and a amp =)charlie6
Subs in parallelcharlie5
Ok, my birthday is coming up so....charlie46
Some suggestions pleasebrian mooney9
FI VS. AUDIOQUESean Gibson23
Cerwin Vega VMAX 12.4Sean Gibson18
OT-Why is Florida sooo fricken cold, lol ?2000CrownVicP.I.36
Can someone explain thisbernyMAC3
Omg i am finally ready!!!! decided on what i want...suggestions??bernyMAC11
0.5 ohm dailyNeo4207
12"sSascha Denny10
2 15" Cvx's Vs 2 12" L7's Louder??Chris Engarde12
OT- Pioneer DEH-P5800MP...Neo4204
Hilarious wish we could make a stickyMuddy9
Havoc on EbayLogan1
15" spl subs[Kéviñ_Previé]7
Si mag 15 vs. dd9515Tyrhone Marr1
Grounding an amp?Chris Engarde4
Alt problemsmat dope4
Best SPL 10?charlie35
Subs and amp combomat dope4
My new db score[Kéviñ_Previé]37
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