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What has the research bewteen the Z1 one and the 5495 leaned you towards? (which unit)... I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a couple of 12 inch Fi.Q's and I've been running a stock headunit, so I think with either option I'll see a world of difference, but I would still liek to get the best quality.

Anyways, just for your information (thinking it might help) The Eclipse has 20 gig memory for storing music while the Z1 has only 10, but both have 30 in total. Another thing I heard was that the AVN5495 could only copy wma format songs, which would be lame. This is a rough decision.

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i see i see. Im hating this right now lol trying to decided between the 2. Im honestly leaning towards the eclipse, i wanna check on the wma deal cause that would be lame. Also need to find out how hard i will be to bypass. the z1 you just need to buy an external modual to do it. Maybe with the eclipse you cna just ground the ebrake wire and it work.I really like the higher preouts of the Eclipse. Plus i had an eclipse as my last headunit with 8v preouts and loved it.

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I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out. I was leaning towards teh Eclipse too, but the Voice Recognition and Bluetooth are such draws with the Z1. Not to mention the screen is bigger with higher resolution. I'm pretty sure with the Eclipse you can ground the parking brake, but I know an Eclipse dealer near me that would know. I might go ask him and give you an answer. The Eclipse I know holds 3,000 songs though, which is RIDICULOUS. I can imagine the Z1, with half the musci storage, only hold 1,500; so that's something to look at.

Basically, all of the good things the Z1 has, the Eclipse doesn't have it, and all of the good things the Eclipse has, the Z1 doesn't. That's why this is ridiculous. If Pioneer wouldn't have slacked off and given the Z1 2v outs then I would be Z1 without a doubt, but, instead, I'm stuck.
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