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How do I Calculate Amps when the given is Wattage & Voltage. If my memory serves me right I seem to recall that Votage x Amperes = Wattage, so I assume Wattage/Voltage = Amps correct? If so 1000W/12VDC = 83.33....Amps. Now if this is correct, does this not sound like a ridiculous amount of current to run thru an automobile alone,much less the speaker. Please correct me if I am wrong before I figure out a way to hook this up & blow this poor speakers cones out.

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ya thats right

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no its not

this is the best way to do it:

RMS from amp /12.5

then x 1.2 if class d and by 1.4 if class a/b

then that will account for efficancy so it is more accurate

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that is correct Matt. A good way to get a good Guestimate is to take the watts and divide by 10. It is not exact because you run into eficiency depending on what amp class you are using but it is within a few amps either way.

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it might be 1000 watts but your amps audio output is ac not dc the voltage is a lotttt higher then 12.5. the amp pulls around 96-100 amps if it is class d @ 12.5 volts. and it pulls around 115-125 if it is class a/b @ 12.5 votls.

thats a lot of current for a stock alternator but you could always get a higher output model.

to see how much current is going through the speaker just get a multimeter and go test everything. =)
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