Are the DB meters sold at walmart acurate, made by schoche


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I am hittin' 131.3 and don't have an alt. upgrade, I've allready went through 1 alt though, I have a lot of light dimming, hell people in front of me at night pull over they think I want bye!!lmao!!!!

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I have read those meters are not very good when it comes to db readings...

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There supposed to be like 5-10dbs off.

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they may not be accurate as a tl but you can still use them. you can first meter your car with that and then when you change your box, meter again. at least you can see if you are improving or not.

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I don't know, Schoche also makes amp kits at walmart that have 12 GAUGE power wire..... My speaker wire is thicker than that....

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spl meters and db meters are different. db measures sound while the spl meter measures sound pressure.

i have a home theater db meter and i am only hitting in the high 120s while on a tl mic i am hitting 145.5

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spl meteres measure sound pressure level ...which is decibels.

Sound pressure, sound level and dB. Sound is usually measured with microphones and they respond (approximately) proportionally to the sound pressure.

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i guess i should of said a home theater meter and a spl meter.

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accurate? ha!!
if u blow it in its packaging, you can make it do 130db!! its crap!! pure crap!!
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