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DD or Alpine??shawn11
What amp to useMuddy14
OT: Best BrandJarryd Lancaster21
Quick questionMuddy6
Look what i won....blaine westropp15
Which 15" Subwoofershawn10
Tell me wat u thinkMuddy8
Jense 9311 DVD/MP3/am/fmMike Loudon1
Does this website calculate the port in the box volume or do you ha...rick ross1
Installers2Mike Loudon3
Anyone know tdawgs30 email?Miles Hood1
Hey James Longo!Isaac W.22
$200, which sub?Miles Hood8
Better or not?ryan ryan3
Custom box02GPpIMPIN4
AUGHH PORT NOISE!:@ i need some help hereLogan6
Diamond Audio D6derek smith4
AC-DC Power Inverting for AmplifierJohnnY B7
Ported vs. sealedYanks Fan50
144.2 at comp this weekend[Kéviñ_Previé]15
Sound Splinter RL-p 12 BRAND NEW for SALE!!! / dual 2 ohm versianMO24
Has anyone bought a diamond from hifisoundconnection?blaine westropp13
Unique box[Kéviñ_Previé]3
Still thinking they're fake? idk what to think!JustBlaze24
Midbass 8" in the trunk?Mick5
OT sorta, real quick 6x9 box questionMick6
Sweeeeeeet.. check it out :-)..._|A/\/\1E16
Suggestions for a new system...nice threadctmike16
Blown sub, i think...killer8
Pair of ts-w3004spl in a 5.2cu box?Jesse D9
Tried blowing 2 RE SX12sPolo21
WHERE THE FU*CKSteven Norris1
TC Sounds subs...Jordan Singleton4
Sub position???+ryan vandenberg4
Arsenals hitting when headunit is off???cutlassAApower15
Amp for Fi -Q 18" Dustin52
159.9 dB TLRobert50
OT--Radar DetectorPolo17
Let me know which is bettersqlcrazy11
Need some advicePaul Larrea7
Rear speakersrob swingleman21
Do you think this will affect the sound of this sub?Paul Larrea9
Sorry noob question. Pike11012
What do u think???mat dope10
Google bought youtube~~mat dope3
Any Objections?Maxx10
Has any tried Hertz subwoofers ??Justin1
Question on placement of subsJustin8
2 different subjects 1 small threadChad Lee9
OT: Gotta get one of theseChad Lee13
Need an 18Muddy22
What do you think of my kickers???DJ KIDD46
OT: New Carsty mcleod66
Need help with killer SPL setup!Muddy8
Been thinking02GPpIMPIN8
OT. Happy Columbus DayPaul Larrea15
For Sale: Alpine TME-M770S Mick10
FiberGlassin ProjectJoel champagne6
2 JL audio 12w3v2s FOR SALE! HURRY!Eric Pinnell5
Power for subs?Logan11
3 jl w6 12ty mutlow3
Flat windJoel champagne9
My Install, Kinda.shawn11
RE SX12" in 93 Caprice classicshawn fleming6
Which sub will have the most outputMuddy11
Wire questionLogan3
New Componets Mr_Kebo15
HD3 vs BTLVic Trivette80
12" QLogan9
OT: Window Tintingrichard14
2 Fi Q's or 1 btl ?joe blanford10
Whered my OT thread go????Titan BK1
Meade knocked a chicks eye out....mat dope16
FS: Eclipse 8445Mr_Kebo8
Would this wiring work?killer7
Chicago CA&E?escalade9
Lookin For A Good 1500wrms Amp.Miles Hood31
Texas Heat Wave...I hit 145dbJosh Sousa6
Mid-bass driver help (beyma 8") ?impala63rag13
FI 10" QMuddy3
How do i wire these damn 13w7s ~~~ help??ty mutlow2
Eveything big?02GPpIMPIN5
Prolly a random question...but......lilrob5
Still confused, 1 18" Fi BTL or 2 15" FiQ?joe blanford2
Still confused 18" btl or 2 15" fi q's ?Andrew2
Hi fonics?Mick2
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