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Whats a Subwoofer?Hunter S1
Subs to be pushedHunter S6
Refurbished HU'sJexx6
Any opinions??????Deuce Moore6
Atomic apx 15bassman34
4 sub boxPoremski3
How would this sound?J@Yme7
Is this a bad idea?Steve H7
Little Video I madeShowrides7
12" Kicker L7sJames Lash1
Isnt this just funny?Alan6
RF subs & A8002v ampMick2
Eclipse subs.... help!?Mick8
Cut through box...Mick5
Which would you choose?»»» DrUnkBoB «««2
What size CapacitorMick3
Should u pay attention to FM sensitivity on cd player?Jexx6
Best Subs to go with?Robert10
Best 300$ subS Denn21
IT'S HERE, IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!S Denn32
Box tuning helpTroy Stafford2
2 jl 12w3v3s in a sealed enclosure or 1 12w6v2 in an h.o. enclosureCasey Wood6
Frequency port helpLA1
NO BASS>OUTeddie arambula7
How do u get fiberglass to stick to ur car?Abe1
IDmaxjake papa1
Does elemental designs make good quality amps??jake papa5
New alternator... 15VTroy Stafford7
Should i get rid of my H2?Troy Stafford14
The forum of which we dont speak of???02GPpIMPIN8
OT- what happened to the bragging area?02GPpIMPIN3
Sub isnt as loud anymorekillerzracing7118
Alpine SWX-1242D - Alpine 12" Type X SubwooferMike Loudon2
Kicker cvx vs cvrMike Loudon3
I'M GOLD!!!!!!!!!!Steven Norris15
Coaxils vs componentsTroy Stafford4
Experts Only!! Impediance QuestionsJexx3
Experts Only!! Impediance QuestionsMick1
JL Audio High Output Box?Jexx2
12w6v2 ctmike15
Alpine v. rockfordJb8
Kicker subTyler Wayne Fletcher3
Kicker solo baricTyler Wayne Fletcher4
Sub louder with trunk open???Muddy Waters28
Ot whats the difrence ?Jexx4
Online buyingJexx6
Louder and betterJesse D13
Kicker solo baricTyler Wayne Fletcher1
Finding Subs Driver DisplacementSteven Norris5
Chad L help me.!!!Chad Lee24
Kicker subTyler Wayne Fletcher1
Wats betterSteven Norris25
Another Alpine Sub... NOTE: Is posted in Amps section alsoBmage1
Crazy installJay10
Help please[...Rovin...]2
Coaxils vs componentsTroy Stafford1
Quick questionMuddy Waters6
Box Tunning?Steven Norris2
Another System ideaandy F14
Multiple ampsctmike13
Atomic subsJb3
Ice Cream Bass?Paul Larrea16
About the BEAST...DD 99z.Muddy Waters17
Kicker CVR 15".......Mr. Bojangles14
Newbie Needs Help..sorry longSteven Norris5
Buying online helpKevin Holden3
I think you'll like this too...Tyler8
Look whats on ebay for good price....Kevin Holden4
Home Made Sub KitsTyler5
Amp for 12 re xxxTyler11
I NEED HELPSteven Norris3
Eclipse subs.... help!?Mick1
Subs for A8002T or A8000TArchie Clark19
Determining size of HO alt02GPpIMPIN4
3 10" ported boxIsaac W.3
My alternator crapped outkillerzracing7117
Orion vs Hifonicskillerzracing7128
How to power my subs...HELP!killer6
(2) Subs PURE SPL..Let em Rip!Kyle Obright37
I NEED HELP[...Rovin...]8
Eclipse Ti subsonic (Calling all PROS)!Isaac W.4
Kicker CVX 15 VS Kicker 15 inch L7Seth Lowe3
OT--BUT check it outSeth Lowe27
Well, now that my work radio is finishedhomercleeze9
System historyMichael Adams21
Which would sound betterAntonio Martinez III4
Which one to power my MMATS...killer7
Will this sound like crap?Halter5
Blown sub!!!!!!!???ctmike9
How loud???ctmike6
Home audio in car?derek smith6
RE XXX 06 modelctmike12
TC Sounds - LMS 5400!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Muddy Waters6
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