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W6 BOX QUESTIONdan rollins2
Alpine type erick quigley1
HushmatC. Reming5
Heavy hitters...alteraudiousa17
What subs to get for this ampdan rollins4
OT: MY CAR GOT MESSED UP :-(joe black8
15" Treo TSX or 15" Kicker CVXReece Brassler2
QuestionJames Longo3
12" Kicker L7 vs DD 2512charlie3
SSI and 1000/1Shaine4
Attention read this before u post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11Chris37
What should I get... Your opinions pleasesteven8
Kicker zx1000.1 & (2) JL 13W6v2Dustin6
Need help picking boxMatthew McCollom1
RE XXXtwo4fifteen4
I need some cheap sub suggestions[...Rovin...]2
1 10w6 or 1 10w7dan rollins9
32 subs!James Longo6
Wtf?James Longo4
Audiobahn Alum10q'sTroy Stafford7
MA Audio 18 inch XL Series Competition SubwooferAlucard Is Incognito3
Help with new speaker boxDavid L. Burdin1
Well this is my PlanHalter7
U want to make ur current system even louder????Josh Smith31
Is this bad?dan rollins7
What is best daily 12" driver sub? Orion H2, CV Stroker, Kicker L7'...Josh14
Chauncey BrownJoseph Lewis1
15 inch orion H2 on memphis 1000D amp?Josh21
OT good amp to power 2 4" 2 way kappas and 2 6.5" kappasJames Longo2
Mono amp question»»» DrUnkBoB «««9
Is this bad?dan rollins1
OT- head unis|\/|aTT |F2
Personal Experience Power Subsdan rollins16
Rockford fosgatedan rollins22
Best dual 2 ohm SQL 15Kenny7
Best Sqpl setup in your opinion. dan rollins16
Subs on a budgetlilrob7
How aboutCarAudio1
Nine.1 Amp/2 10'' arsenals...??Mike3
RE audio group buy cheap normal pricesJoe45
Is it better to face my subwoofers to my back seat?rob wilson5
Eclipse Ti on 600 watts?Kenny1
ANYONE W.T.B. A SYSTEM?!?!?!Shaine13
O.T. Power cableBonecrusha4
Your Very First SystemMatt40
Anything good on Alphasoniks???lilrob3
Passing from 14ga to 10gaJeff D.5
Mono amp questionspence the mence1
Audiobahn Alum10q'sTroy Stafford7
Port position[...Rovin...]3
OT: trance musicBelieve5
Stupid peopleMatt21
W3 wiring??????LiCiD4
15" MB Quart subwoofer "POP"!killerzracing7113
Two 10" Arsenals, or One 10" MTX 9500?Troy Amon7
DD vs. SIB10
Neon lightLuis Collazo5
OT- new nickatina cd!NorthernDarkness16
Best 10" sub valuerob swingleman5
Best place to buy online subs???Joe Spose6
Sq wooferalteraudiousa14
Weird... voice coil shredded?Isaac W.8
SurprisedChase Freeman1
Hey BMatthew Lee3
HELP tuning Enclosure!!!Paul Larrea6
How much are the new 06 xxx?johnny lemoine16
Can you hook up 2 4 ohm dvc subs and 1 2 ohm dvc sub to the same amp?JC5
Cuft question.....rick quigley7
Crossfire BMF W15D Questions...Please help... James Byers1
18" treo SSI on Ebay lilrob8
Some Pioneer bullshitJC7
Assassin 10 or rl-i10 what has better sqlilrob3
4 12's in s10lilrob9
Every1's opinions neededTimothy8
RE MT = best?Dustin14
Rockford Subs...Whats next?Kyle Obright5
Box BuilderJake Hill4
Getting certified ctmike7
Running 2 subs off 2 different ampsJC8
How would this setup sound....?[...Rovin...]6
Really OT.Simon3
Ascendant Audio Sale Still On, Why????TJ7
Best place for installing 2-Alpine SWE-1042's in a daily driven Jee...Pl4yboy3
WHY? the.... is this , THIS expensive....lilrob2
BIG oNE r lITTLe oNEjames caroll6
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