1 10w6 or 1 10w7


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i would think the W7 would be better the 13W7 but just get a type X they are half the price and is the same sub dont believe other people when they say alpine type X sucks especially chancey brown lol dont u come on here and say 10w6 is better lol i got a type X and SQ is amazing

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type X wouldnt hold a finger to a w7 and thats a fact! You are a M0r0n Andy!

If you want a highly accurate detailed sub the w6 is a great option and the w7 has decent SQ but is much boomier and has the ability to get a good amount louder then the w6. I have a 12w6v2 and it get's loud enough for me and the SQ is amazing:-)

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i can personally vouch for the w6v2 being a very loud sq woofer .. i heard james' yesterday and i was very impressed with its output in the slot ported enclosure ...

even tho u know u want the ava james .. lol

andy f .. how can u compare a type x to a 13w7? u are absolutely ridiculous at the things u recommend to people ... step ur game up kid ...

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no sh!t a 10W7 is louder and sounds just as good as any alpine sub on the market.

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hahaha man I can't stop thinking about that lol:-) the low end of a ava is absolutely amazing. I wish the ava had the sq of my w6v2:-)

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Exactly James. That original Avalanche 15 and sick low end but lacked the SQ of the w6v2 big time. Once i put in my 12w6v2's i noticed alot mroe detail on every note.

Maybe that is why im going back to the 10w6v2's in a ported/sealed enlclosure that you can change back and forth powered off that 1500-XXK

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thats pretty sweet man when are you getting that box built MO?

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technically XXK is 20,000.... lol
IIK would be 2,000...
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