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JBL 601.1M1
Amp protecting....rick quigley1
Amp for my Infinity 2-waysjuliob8
Amp and power questionsSeth Lowe2
Would this work?juliob2
New us ampsAlexis6
Sub amp problem...Troy Stafford5
Made up my mind, how is this going to sound?Jexx2
Quick Question on what Fuse to use..Jonez78814
Made up my mind, how is this going to sound?mat dope5
Kicker ZX2500.1JK7
Pics of car and systemEric Riffe3
Pre-out voltage?killerzracing7112
Kicker ZX2500.1Robert Iglesias2
Amp for jl stealthbox 10w3v2-D2ty mutlow2
Help please !?marc3
Stupid Kenwood Ampmarc11
ORION CS 500.5 for 2 15" KICKER IMPULSEsty mutlow2
Need help with A8000Tbassman34
Is this enough powerty mutlow2
800w rms at 2 ohmsmat dope7
Kx1200.1 VS zx1000.1two4fifteen6
800 watt amp... fuse XXamps?Optidriven7
MB Quart vs. Alpine[...Rovin...]38
Is any one happy?Jake Hill11
2nd go at a systeming buying Sub/AMP (AMP)CarAudio5
Looking for amp for L7, fosgate good enough?Robert Iglesias30
AMPSRobert Iglesias2
Is it too muchGeorge4
Not sure what fuse to use. plz help.BAD BOY5
Smoking kicker system please help me!BAD BOY20
Will this work?Brandon5
Question about the big 3Brandon2
Does anyone have a used kicker kx450.2 amp for sale?bassman32
Wtf, how do i get more power!Chauncey Brown19
Questiontyler g4
800w rms at 2 ohmsrob swingleman2
Is this amp dead or am I doing something wrong?Jay12
I need help quick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Jexx4
Any one ran the Boston GT-42 Amp????ty mutlow1
2 channel amp for JL coaxials ok?ty mutlow2
Need an amp for some kicker C12EseEsai24
How To Hook Up 2 2 Channel Ampsnathan a lamb3
Amp kickerChauncey Brown5
A yo my 150A fuse blew nd i would like to kno wat size u think i needstev10
Wire GaugeJames G6
What Gauge for 2 amp hookup????Robbie Kush7
HELP PLEASE-Which Amp,Eclipse or Memphis?Robbie Kush14
Kicker amps suckRobert Iglesias17
What size alternator do i need?Robert Iglesias4
CRUNCH GP1600.1 rms?Optidriven4
Help With AmpWesley B9
What amp should I use?????bassman39
Hookin up two ampRobert Iglesias4
Fuse Rating on Hifonics Bxi2006Dbassman310
4 Guage wiring from car for salety mutlow2
Audiobahn a8000v?Loc_out4
Help Bridging Ampsty mutlow2
Amp RMS questionillwill5
My New Goal In lifeChauncey Brown21
ChaunceyChauncey Brown10
Need Help On my System- Please HELPChauncey Brown2
Would a hifonics 1600w amp be good for 2 cvr's?bassman37
Rockford Fosgate AMP?Devin Reef3
Amp Shutting Down!!!bassman39
Amp ChoicesChauncey Brown2
Possibly for saleMatt7
My amp keeps blowing fuses and i dont know whyty mutlow3
How do i hook up a 4 channel amp to 2 12" subd?ty mutlow3
Kicker KX 800.2 Helpty mutlow6
Need helpb p4
Amp to get???rick ross2
Help!!! Pre-out Votlage!Optidriven7
Best amp AA Havocjuliob8
Anyone have kx1200.1 for saleNight Mirage8
3 12" JL w6's, need amp..EseEsai2
Alpine V12 VS JBL power series amps.marc7
Need an ampChauncey Brown8
Anyone sellin amps? Chauncey Brown13
MP3 PlayerTim Kirk1
Need amp that does 450-500 @ 4 Chauncey Brown3
Maxxonics Autotekjuliob4
Amplifier ?Seth Lowe10
Amp for 15" L7 2ohmRobbie Kush4
Help pleaseDevin Reef18
AMPSty mutlow4
Kicker KX 800.2 HelpJonez7881
Buyin off ebayIsaac W.3
Do I need an ampMatt8
What audiobahn amp could I useMatt9
Wire GaugeIsaac W.5
Alpine amp helpty mutlow2
For ChaunceyChauncey Brown27
4 Channel Amp <$185 ShippedBrig Halpin1
Amp skippingJexx8
Help Pleasety mutlow2
Can an ampmixneffect4
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