How To Hook Up 2 2 Channel Amps


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Ok This Is What I Have

1000 watt 2 channel Crunch Black maxx amp, a 1000 watt 2 channel Legecy Amp, Digital Audio Power Cap 1 Farad, Audio Pipe Distrubution Block, 2 Audiobahn A1200Q 12" Subs

This Is My Problem

With just The Crunch Hook up my Subs Pound and when i go to hook up the legecy it doesnt pound hardly at all. It Seems like after 5 volume it doesnt get any louder...

This Is How I Have It Hooked up

4 gauge Power Wire to the CAP
4 gague Ground Wire To the Cap
4 gague ground Wire from the Cap to the CRUNCH amp
4 gague Power Wire To the Distrubution Block
8 gague Power Wire from the D-Block to Both AMPs
4 gague Ground Wire to the Legacy Amp
RCAs from Head unit to 2 Y splitters and they go into the Imputs Of Both AMPs
Remote Wire from Head unit to The Crunch Amp
Remote Wire From Legacy Amp To Crunch AMP
1 speaker bridged to the Crunch
1 speaker bridged to the legacy

Does it Matter That the Cap and The Crunch Amp are on the Same Ground WIRE????????

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yeah i would change the grounds from the cap/amp to just grounded to the chasis. its ok to ground them all in the same spot but dont use the same wire. use 4g to ground everything.

how do you ahve your subs/amps hooked up?
what amp is running what?

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i have the crunch running both right now but when i got to Bridge 1 sub to the crunch amp and 1 sub to the legacy amp it doesnt pound at all....
so i need 3 gorund wires to the chasis...

im wondering if i could have speaker wire running from both channels of the Legacy to both channels of the crunch ??? would that hurt anything???? so it would be like both subs running into 1 channel of each amp ........
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