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Wiring a mono amp and a DVC sub! please help!Chauncey Brown3
Solid 1300 watt+ amps for under $350Dustin12
GAIN problemsjordan huddleston9
KAC-9102D kenwood amp?? Any good??raider32assasin1
Bridging an ampMPH2
Which sub to run with this amp????James12
Kicker gainpeter stockbauer9
RCA Lead Problemscharles gray1
Can i wire a dvc sub to a 2 channel amp?James5
Help! need amp!ty mutlow6
The gain Chauncey Brown12
Opinion|\/|aTT |F2
Ed Nine.1 Died? How Can I Test It?Jeepo1
Amp Problem A8000TChauncey Brown14
Ed Nine.1 Died? How Can I Test It?Jeepo1
They should be here tommorow justin gholson1
Amp ? b p4
Dad doing install for sonThomas White20
Help!! Sons B-dayJames Longo13
Please let me know if this will work??? amp +subs=power??juliob6
Has antone ever heard a 15" L5 ported and one sealed?Cameron5
Audiobahn A8000tGlassWolf7
Can i wire three compvr on this ampmahde zahdeh7
R.c leads to ampsty mutlow6
What amp do i need to run 2 12" subs?Brandon4
Are AUDIOBAHN A8000T any good??Chauncey Brown14
Single voice wiringGeorge Kovach Jr.5
Kicker 650.4 helpblaine westropp2
Amp Suggestions-new to car ampslosingtheplot6
An amp for two JL 12w3v2d4'sTerry Grice16
Is a HIFONICS TX1005D any goodMitchell Stone8
What amp to buy?bob7
How big amp?Kristoffer3
Can i wire a DVC sub to a 2 channel amp?WiseBro2
Hidden amp ?Jake10
Amp PROBLEMS ( experts plz help)Isaac4
MTX 1501D or Rockford Fosgate 1500.1?? .myuh lope3
Car stereo inside house?Jake4
My new systemJake7
Wiring helpty mutlow4
MTX 1501D or Rockford Fosgate 1500.1?? Rosie1
Amp for salebassman36
This site is soo funny !!BumpinTechno1
Amp installation problemsty mutlow5
Remote turn on lead questionJake2
Any one know?James Longo2
My amp works great please help.Anonymous3
Hifonics TX8805 vs Hifonics ZX6400Mitchell Stone4
Why does my mono channel amp have 2 (+)(-) outs??[...Rovin...]5
Amp only works when car is off (sometimes)Anonymous8
2 kickers, please help me find an amp!!!!!Rosie7
Ultra linear?ryan b13
Solid 1300 watt amps for under $350H Corggss1
Noise ratingJake2
Cadence Ultra Drive 2000FordRanger4201
Amp PROBLEMS ( experts plz help)Jake1
What amp is better for running these subsblaine westropp2
3 MTX Audio T5515-44'sJered Rochester1
AMP AND SUBSMichael Cheatham8
How can you tell your going to blow the ampty mutlow12
Pg x1200s are 1200w rms right?Brandon3
Would 8 gauge wire be ok for my amp ??ty mutlow3
3 JL AUDIO 12" w6 WHAT amp DO I need???ty mutlow10
Problems with install of ampBen Gilliam3
(2) 12" kicker solo baric L7. looking for 1 amp to push these...myuh lope10
Which amplifier is good and compatibleLisa12
Best way to wire up subspeter stockbauer6
1/0 max current?Optidriven19
RE 12.1 vs ED Nine 1scott DeBaker6
Releasing clutch causes pop sound from all speakersB10
How is this amp?Brandon2
Alright math much-Optidriven10
New picks of amp for saleAlan2
Need a little help!!!Chauncey Brown2
What subs to buy??????Chauncey Brown9
RCA inputTravis LaMance2
Soft On/Off circuitry??Brandon3
What subs to buy??????Taylor Gray1
Where are they at???|\/|aTT |F3
Wiring help.....ty mutlow2
Confused on output and briding the ampty mutlow6
Premier GM-x434 Instalationty mutlow2
Is my amp blown??Travis LaMance2
Excessive Current ErrorTaylor Gray5
PPI Art 600.2 / Isaac or James LongoMO34
The good the bad an the Ugly [...Rovin...]5
Protection Light won't go off......HELP!!killerzracing715
Rockford ampBies085
Alt and wire helpRyan Babendrager3
Excessive Amperagenathan peddicord9
Audiobahn A6004T mat hooker4
Mtx 6500D Pushing DC voltageIsaac3
Mitchell Stone CadillacDb2
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