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Choosing two new 10'sTrevor Eaton6
My alpine type r's are 4 sale 12"matt12
Choosing two new 10'sKermit Peebles1
Why can I not sound deaden my car?scott DeBaker23
What DVC do I needty mutlow8
Xterra grounding kits.Land1
Which will hit higher dbs?In theorySimon J Casey13
Should i build a wall or put box in the trunk?Simon J Casey13
A deal? A ripoff? or am I in the money?Mike10
G512lucas beckner1
RE SX + RE 12.1scott DeBaker5
Single cab optionsJesus Christ18
Best subs for this applicationNeal5
Off topic - Which is better on gas?Anonymous3
H2H competitionGlassWolf17
Good Budget SQ subDenis_A3
Need help on deciding subsCasey Wood4
Where can I find an "Authorized" RE dealer?Polo15
Ebay seller warning!!!!!!!!!!!Trevor Eaton2
What kind of OHMS am I running??Trevor Eaton8
Off topic - Painting a carGlassWolf9
Better Choice....sean3
Is there a thread to show how to find the cars res. freq?sean19
In car super cpomputers where 2 get...sean15
LOOKIE HERE (in need of help)Terry Grice4
Anyone in VA do installs?12 oUnCe MouSe21
Infinity Kappa Perfect VS Polk MOMODenis_A1
Re Sxscott DeBaker13
Getting rid of oxidationDemon Pride10
1995 suburbanB7
Is it possible to cause damage..B17
Breaking in a speakerB8
3cubic feet in a enclosure blueprint[...Rovin...]5
15" SE install Chauncey Brown2
Quick quesitonmarshall white2
Better splJake Hill5
Re se 12"Casey Wood4
Another DVC QuestionReJettor1
Cheapest amp for Eclipse Tisean19
RAAMmat BXT or eDeadv.2alteraudiousa3
Are These Any GoodCasey Wood7
Best choice...Jay B.3
I got my type-r's runing[...Rovin...]22
What do you guys think?James Longo32
Help! Nothing to do with subs![...Rovin...]2
HELP - installation recieving NO powerryan c.13
I have a question.Anonymous7
How hard is it to set it up yourself?Bob36528
Help my buddy out with an amp choice..Gavin Wynne5
Ehhh friends retarded sub lol... help! Pelon5
Which is better in eclipesCasey Wood3
Enclosed boxmarshall white2
New SXmarshall white3
Is the Orion 4004 good?Anonymous1
HELP Me Please - Two 12's or One 15.......Polo8
I need an answer now! Where is the Paypal invoice on Ebay?Pelon22
Hot to wire up the dual voice coil?blaine westropp7
Sort of odd Question =)lucas beckner14
Treo Prices ?Trevor Eaton2
RESX15s Install and MeteringPolo13
SQ System12 oUnCe MouSe19
I need a new sub help me out.'~DAYE£?~'.6
Is this box ok?dklotusjuggalo2
Members Map...bringing it back to the topmarshall white1
Any experience with the Alpine type X's?Polo15
Are Soundstream subs any good?James Longo5
Which won is BETTER?Lewass4
Rate a sub 1-10Polo29
The new brahmamikechec913
Alpine type Rmatt2
I need some more helpPelon8
Single cab creativityCasey Wood10
Who wants to design my box for me?sean31
Guys how do you know if your amp is going to blow your subs?justin gholson5
Is This A good Deal???Anonymous11
I dont have a clueJames Longo4
Wrong Forum but JVC KD-LH300...?killer1
Dynomat or fat mat?scott DeBaker4
Check this outJames Longo8
Is one ohm bad for the amp???James Longo3
Is there a way to figure out what size you should port a box??Mitchell Stone7
DO u think this monitor is even realAnonymous3
Subs blowingTyler4
Cheapest place to get good sound damping material?Chad Lee7
12'' eclipse titaniumCasey Wood26
Off topic but i must knowDustin10
My car shouts off when i play my systemcharlie14
Too MuchChauncey Brown5
? on dual 4ohm subsscott DeBaker3
I wanna be coolAnonymous13
I need a SQL Sub/subsPolo15
?? largest amp possible for stock alternator ??Chad Lee14
Make sub box for single cab truckJake Davis4
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