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Just a reg ampSeth Lowe8
Would this amp be good???Chauncey Brown2
Anyone know what ohm load this would be?redbone13
Would this amp be good???* .RoViN. *2
I have two 12" Alpine Type X Subs What Amp should i get?Chad Lee28
What kind and how many?!?!Daniel LeBLue11
Good Amp??Chauncey Brown7
Sound Stream???????????mikechec96
L7 and bp600.1 will this work?Anonymous4
Audiocontro EpicenterDorian Alcantar3
Did i fry my amp???????Dorian Alcantar8
50% off Orion at CarDomainChauncey Brown2
Amp Question?Chauncey Brown3
4 Channel Amp* Rovin *4
Audiobahn amp for 2 New Kicker L5s 10"Casey Wood2
Jonathan / older RF amps any good ? Jonathan6
My Install.....Thomas White7
JL ampscuba steve3
What do i set it tomarshall white2
My protection light keeps coming onTyler5
Watts vs wattsIsaac3
JL 12w6v2's SALE!!!! / Anybody in the DC/MD/VA area ???MO5
LPF optimal setting and a Q on Bass Boostscuba steve2
Best amp to use blaine westropp2
What are ohmsChristopher Lee3
If your amp is lower than speakers is it ok to raise gain?B2
Can Amps be wired together?B8
Amp not powering upRAYMOND3
Orion or Memphis?redbone7
NEW Alpine 2006 PDX line due in MarchBryan1
System power help!!!!!B8
Help with 3 subs!B7
NEW OrionsB16
Rockford AmpChauncey Brown2
Help with tuning my ampNokio1
What amp should i get Chris lalonde1
Wiring six 4ohm DVC sub to dual output Mono amp (Orion 2500d)Invictuz20
Wiring a sub to one ohm..please helpInvictuz4
Check this outThomas White4
Remounting fansNOL1M1TSOLD1ER1
Amp and speaker helpBrandon2
Installing ampNOL1M1TSOLD1ER1
Old punch 30 problemJames Longo6
Mtx amplucas beckner3
Amp Guts (Pics)Tyler9
Whick one of these speakers are better?bassman34
Denon Dvc-600 does any body no anything about this amp?Pimp2
Whats the best brand for wiring kits out there?Optidriven20
Did I get a good deal?Optidriven5
Help with choosing amp!!!Derek Englehart1
Rainbow: SL 130- 13cm speakers scuba steve2
Anyone with a 96 Ford Explorer??????scuba steve7
HELP! JL Audio 10" W3 dual 6 ohm problemshaun hayward17
Kicker KX1200.1 for 2 12w6v2's or ???Optidriven5
!!!!!HELP!!!! 4 ohm load possible from 4 ohm DVC subs?Optidriven2
2 AMPS OR 1? PLEASE HELPluke potts1
2amps and a novice!Brandon3
What ohm load does this make?Optidriven4
Tocatta In B - Please, where can I D/L it?Tyler1
Got new amp and i have a couple of wiring questionsZach3
RE AUDIO!!! GRRR, do they EVER write back?!?!?Tyler11
Kicker amp questionBrandon2
Pre amp wireing helpPuma3
Need help with amp wiring in a 2004 dodge neon.Michael Cheatham9
Help PleaseIsaac2
Fuses keep blowingAnonymous7
Question with bass boostAnonymous6
4 channel amps and bridging advice of this forumAnonymous2
Audiobahn 4125HCT Amp HELP!!Optidriven3
How do you wire kappa 6x9 693.7i (dual coil) with kicker 600.4 amp...ty mutlow4
4 Channel Amps...figuring wattagety mutlow17
Amplifier CompanyThomas White4
Need help bad wiring phoenix goldsMark S3
My amp settingsChad Lee1
Which amp Zapco or Brax??????scuba steve9
When the ground touches the powerredbone7
Amp and sub combo..need SERIOUS helpBoss Money5
Amp cuts off on CD and Aux but not Tuner?!?Phillip Draper3
How do you wire a Quad Voice Coil SubwooferTrey Kirby5
Orion 225 hcca, or orrion hcca 225 g4 or JL 500/1redbone7
Kicker L5's on a 1200.1????derick062
Kicker L5's on a 1200.1????Adam1
Can i Do this???Anonymous4
Do these make a cute couple?* Rovin *11
Help with bass car ampIsaac5
An Amp is an Amp?Optidriven7
Proper setupty mutlow6
1993 Buick LeSabre Amp installDan Macomber12
Amp makes anoying soundsty mutlow4
Kicker amp recommendationty mutlow2
40hm sub on 2 ohm loadPaul Swanston6
Need Help Setting Up SQ System.... Glass??OldSchoolD3
If orion ppi and viper audio are all owned by directed audio wats t...joe ruskowski17
Need help wiring Audiobahn DVC subs and amp* Rovin *5
Amp Suggestion Please* Rovin *2
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