What are ohms


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wuts the difference between low and more higher number ohms is ther a difference bewteen more power with it being a lower ohm or something?

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Ohm is the unit of resistance.

Ohm's Law defines the relationships between (P) power, (E) voltage, (I) current, and ® resistance. One ohm is the resistance value through which one volt will maintain a current of one ampere.

It depends on the amplifier, how much power is avaliable at a certain ohm load.
1000 @ 4ohms VS 1000@ 1ohm

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here is a better explaination of ohms and ohms law:
notice how there is no mention of power and voltage is represented by a V. in E&M "E" stands for electric field, not voltage.
the equation for power is this:
or P=I^2R or P=V^2/R
here is an explaination of electrical power:
if your half the resistance of the load keeping voltage constant since your cant really change the voltage in the car, you double the power. that of course is theoretical. the best of amps will be able to get a 50% increase when you half the resistance. also, using an amplifier at a lower impedance causes the amplifier to be less stable which is why you need a decent amp if you want to go to 1 ohm and have decent sound quality.
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