Fuses keep blowing


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Hi im new to this i bought at sub and amp last week it has been running fine till the other nite the fuse blew and the amp was red hot so the next day i put a new fuse in the power fuse a 40amp this time instead of a 30amp and son as i turn the volume up to 26 it blows but it will run alday at say 20 on the volume it has been driving me mad trying to find out the problem i have i have blown 4 fuses now trying to get it to work

theamp is a kenwood mono 800w 460rms
and a audiobahn 1000w 500rms

And help will be aprciated

Thnks Mark Fuller

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This most probably going to be down to your earthing point on your amp, the problem is that your sending a voltage to get amplified and the amplifier can't get rid of that much power that quickly, hence you bad earth point. Try finding a better earth point and youll be fine.

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Earth point = where you ground the amp???
In America, We usually go with that terminology.

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or mayb the real reason is that you most likely need to get a bigger fuse for it because 40 amps is not cutting it

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the amp is earthed to the screw that holds the rear seat in my car. somone also said to smell the amp were the fan is and it smells a bit.
what about putting a bigger power cable in somone said that tight be the reason what do you think

Thnks For the help so far i will try tommorrow i will get a 60amp fuse

Thanks Mark

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before you get bigger fuses, make sure your ground and power wire isn't touching any where cuz a 20 amp fuze is plenty, you have a short some where to be sending that much watts to blow fuses like that, let me know how it works for you.

I wouldn't get a bigger fuse than what the amp came with. Fuses are a safety device as to not fry the actual amp if anything goes wrong.

if fuses are blowing that means there's too much amperage flowing somewhere. if you put a bigger fuse, that means your letting more power in your amp than what it was designed for. you risk blowing more than a fuse if you keep inserting bigger ones in.

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