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i just went to a local audio shop to ask some questions. i gave this guy a list of everything i am going to install into my truck. heres the list:

2 12" kicker comp vr
power acoustik a2400db amp
2.4 farad capacitor
stinger 0awg wiring kit
boss rt745 amp (mids and highs)

the guy told me i would ahve to buy a yellow top battery because my amp will be draining alot of power from my alternator.its pushing 145amps. also he is tellin me that with the 0awg wiring kit, the current draw will be monstrous. so what are m options here? do i need to just get anoher alterator or will the battery thing work? please help!

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wire size dosnt effect current draw. The guy is an idiot. You should go back to his shop, and let him know you plan on continuing with your purchase, but not as his location, since he's either trying to scam you, or just ignorant.

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did he mention that a cap will do nothing but draw more current from ur stock alternator. Also that he recommend crap. Like Seth said go somewhere else he's ripping u big time

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yeah thats what i figured. but would you guys recommend gettin a new alternator that will push somewhere around 180amps?

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It all depends.
Do u even know the total RMS power of all amps you plan on putting into the car?
U need to know this first, in order to tell how big of an alternator you need.
NOT total power but RMS power! Find that out.
Never look at total power..

How much are you spending for the alternator, or whats your budget?
Cause I would recomend:
Nathan is great.

Contact him above.
Cause you do not want to buy a 180a alternator locally that puts out 70amps at idle!!

Nathan HO alternators @ idle should give u atleast 130 amps or higher all depending.

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4get about the cap

& do get better amps than power acoustik & boos

what will be ur highs/mids btw ???....

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total rms power will be about 1600 watts with both amps. my components are listed below for the doors and rear pillar.

Pioneer TS-A4670R 4"x6"
Pioneer TS-A1671R 6-3/4"

as for the alternator, i can spend up to 400. my stock alternator is pushing 145amps. what power alternator would be my best bet? i went to the site, but they dont really give alot of detail on the products they produce. so i guess i will just give them a call the first of the week.

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with 1600rms you will need atleast a 200 amp HO alternator!
Go to the website I said, Nathan will hook you up for around 300$ for a 200a
if you got $400 to spend on it, I would get the most amps you can with that money$$!
This is the heart of the system!
Get this correct the first time!
You will need 0ga wire to pass that current!

Now like Rovin said.
you dont want to put that cheap stuff he recommended locally!
buy your parts online, you get them half price.

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