Did i fry my amp???????


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ok, it was dark, it was cold, i was in a hurry
i was re-mounting my amp and i accidently connected the power wire to the ground on my amp and vice versa...i saw a spark...changed the glass fuse...the amp green light is still on...but the subs arent getting any power...damnit
oh yeah its a hifonics tx1505d

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have u check ur amp fuses and ur inline fuse

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well i changed the glass one under the hood, but i havent checked the 2 60 ones on my amp yet...i might kill myself if i have to buy a new amp for a mistake this stupid

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definatley check the fuses. touching the power and ground together should blow ur fuses not fry ur amp.

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Some amps have reverse polarity protection, but I dont know about Hifonics.

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By the way if u scroll down a bit on the Amp forum page there is a post called "when the ground touches the power" it might be of some help to u too.

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"ok, it was dark, it was cold, i was in a hurry "


You should have waited for the next day..
I know u can get anxious at times just to get it bumpin...

Did u check inline fuses, and amp fuses?
I doubt the amp has an internal fuse.
You may not have had any protection circuitry on it...
Sounds like you zapped output transitor.

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Dude dont suffer, just take ir to Tijuana Mexico, hurry , before the extra border reaches tijuana, and they will fix it for about 200 pesos (20 dollars), thats what i did with my Punch P6002, i burned two resistors
i ordered the resistors from rockford fosgate, i also orered resistors from digikey.com and i did a lot of research , and i actually found all the info i needed , when i got the resistors, i tried welding them to where the burned ones were, and no luck, so i gave up and in a chance i had to go to Tijuana, Mexico, i got it fixed, for 20 dollars,
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