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Mtx 8500'sDustin Pettit10
9500sDustin Pettit7
Alpine 12" Type-R x2Dustin Pettit23
Alpine!!!Thomas White2
Jonathan need your suggestionsean5
Extending HU groundty mutlow2
TCABCasey Wood7
What should i hit DBwiseDan the man15
Any difference?Dustin Pettit3
Dual Voice Coil Questionty mutlow6
Type r box..asap...building tonightscott9
Where to buy big 3marshall white8
A quick ?BassManMIke9
Re 12.1Qcsfinest13
Low amperageAM5
Camera Alarm!sean2
Please help me figure port size!!!ian rupp18
2001 f.150 crewcab boxJesse7
Dynamat inside a box?derick068
What is the pefect amp for two type e 10" subs?Trevor Eaton3
Lakers or HeatAM28
Ike SoundOptidriven10
My new setupChad Lee15
MRP-M350 to 10" 4-ohm type s OR can i cleanly run 10" 2-ohm type R...Optidriven3
Need help getting subs to sound rightty mutlow6
Out of topic / ebay shipmentty mutlow14
Hooking subs up to a stock stereo systemNE$TER6
Unrealted to car audio but my moms computer.........NE$TER9
I cant decide on a subDonkey Punch19
Friend in need of serious helpCorey Brooks7
Big Sealed BoxJ-Dub27
Two 12" L5s = dB?Donkey Punch25
Cant fine SPECS, help plzBassManMIke4
.5 ohm wiring on Kicker L5's????Jake Musrtadi3
Ext. cab enclosure - Extreme slant on portTH Mecha2
Gettin a sub 2day-which1???Casey Wood28
AAs new subsJames Longo8
Help Me!Jonathan4
Infinity Wooferjesse smith2
RE 12.1 vs. JL 100/1Casey Wood7
Help me with my box. What do i use to cut the hole n get it even.NE$TER39
Avalanche 15 vs re sx 15AM19
RE PRICES....wheres the linksean12
My fader is disabling my subwoofer is that normal?ty mutlow4
Question??Casey Wood8
Smart people please readAnonymous2
Re seChauncey Brown9
The Worst Cars 2005Chauncey Brown22
2 15" type R's.. amp suggestion?Richard4
How Loud Is Loud?alex3
Anyone who has RE SE's or has heard themryan c.3
Amp for alpine type E subChauncey Brown15
Got two 12" L5s and a kickerkx 1200.1 for xmas...Wahl4
JL Audio H.O wedge box 10w7...worth the money?david danilowicz9
Wire Kicker L5's to .5 ohm???Jake Musrtadi4
Wiring my system into a 2ohm loadSmitty7
Help me outsly hippo9
Audiobahn subsChad Lee8
Infinity perfect 10.1D questionsty mutlow2
Sub Techty mutlow6
Pioneer Door Speakersty mutlow7
How can I get the max RMS out of my Alpine m350ty mutlow3
Whoa...13,00 dollar subwooferVincent18
Nice subs! WHAT AMP?????Anonymous18
8" or 10"bassman32
What do you think of these subs?mike6
Help on wiring please.NE$TER22
Premier..alpine...or RENE$TER5
Treo SubsB43
CompVr Box for sale Mike Loudon6
Who do i get the RE subs from????baseball11878
Sub boxLogan Bownds3
I need help very bad!!!!!!!! ALPINE TYPE XJL Nut20
Jumpers on Alpine Type R's? ty mutlow22
Would this effect the subs?Trevor Eaton5
SUbwoofer not gettin powerNate3
These videos!Dan the man4
Need another AVALANCHE...SiX3
Diamond audio vs sound stream need decision b 4 xmasVincent19
Sub boxscott1
Which oneJames Longo6
Treo TSX boxjake papa12
Merry Christmas to everybody (except anons)Dan the man69
Need help quickJcash10
Kicker Comps or Rockford Punch Stage 2's???Dan the man14
Would this be bad?matt thigpen9
I need a good estiment hurry please its x masJames Longo6
One 15' and one 12'Kevin Previe5
Tryin to help a friendalex3
2 subs on one amp, questionalex2
Amp for subsCasey Wood4
Good Deal? Zapco ComponentsJake Hill8
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