Got two 12" L5s and a kickerkx 1200.1 for xmas...


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hey guys just got two 12" l5s and a kicker kx 1200.1 for xmas..

they are DVC 4ohm. do u think i should wire them in parallel, parallel so its wired at 1ohm so i get the max power out of my amp? thats 600wattsrms to the speakers which is their rms rating. is this the best way to wire them?
suggestions and comments welcome.


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yep that would work perfectly, and that amp is underrated so it puts out around 1400watts.

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i heard you are spose to power them at 80-95% of their RMS rating.

will it hurt them running at 600watts rms a piece?

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jus don't abuse them. when you install them turn the gain on your amp all the way down. then tun your cd player up to about 3/4 the way up. make sure you're playing a song with a lot of bass. then turn the gain up on your amp untill you hear distortion then slightly lower it.
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