One 15' and one 12'


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Would it be a bad idea to have a 15' and a 12' in my trunk? my friend is gonna give me a 12' sub and box and I already have a 15' kicker so I was wondering if it would sound bad if I had a 15' and a 12'.

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from what i was told anthony they said it wouldnt sound to good. however im no expert so i would rather u take the response from someone with more experience.

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i would choose your favorite and run either the 12 or thr 15... its not reccomended to run different size subs or different kinds of subs together.

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U will get more SPL.
Bad SQ, thats the only negative.
The plus is if u just want it to sound loud and make noise.
I wont put the same amp on them, but if u must, allways check the final impedance of the subs to the amp.

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I run two 10s and two 12s in my car. I ran the two 10s long before the 12s came into the picture. The only difference I noticed after running them all is it doesn't hit as low as it did with just the 10s. It gets a lot louder than it was but the 12s overpower the 10s a little. It would take a lot of ajusting on your amps to make it sound decent. Maybe hook up both and run difference switches so you can flip on either amp of your choice. Runs the 12 for rock and the 15 for rap or w/e.
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