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okay, i have a 2001 ford f-150. i would like to hook a sub up in it. but i have a few questions. i dont want to buy a new stereo, is it possible to hook a sub up to the stock stereo in my truck? also, if i did that would you atually get any "thump" from the sub? or would i need to add an amp? i want to do this the cheapest way. please help me

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You cannot connect a sub to the stereo especially a stock stereo im gueessing the stock stereo puts out some where around 8-15 rms.

If you wanna connect a sub with an amp youll need a LOC.

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hes not registered...dont help him till he does...quick and easy 2 register

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He isn't your target, the anons talking trash are. No sense in that if he genuinely needs help, that's the reason the forum is here

"i dont want to buy a new stereo, is it possible to hook a sub up to the stock stereo in my truck?"

You'll need an LOC (line out converter). This converts the signal from the head unit amplifier (say the rear outputs) into a line level signal to drive an amplifier. And yes, an amplifier is necessary, a head unit simply cannot sufficiently power a subwoofer.

If you want an easy option, check out the Infinity Basslink. It should fit well behind the seat of an F-150, puts out plenty of bass for a stock system, and has good SQ. Isn't too expensive either. In the case of the Basslink, you wouldn't need an LOC to drive it. You'd simply need to run speaker wire to the inputs of the sub, also power and ground for the amplifier (which is built in).
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