Infinity perfect 10.1D questions


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hello there,

Merry X-mas,

recieved an infinity perfect 10.1D today.
Have a JBL BP600.1 amp

I am after SQ, the manual says that my best chance at a flat response is a bandpass box.
I have never made a bandpass, just a few sealed enclosures.Does anyone have experience with this sub and enclosures, would it be worth the trouble and time to build a bandpass? or just go with the sealed?
If so a bandpass, is there such a thing as a good enclosure from say Q-logic or other company?
it may be just easier to purchase than go through the headache of trying to make one.
The jbl bp600.1 has two speaker outputs.If I wire each output to one voice coil, the amp will recognize this as parallel and give me a 2 ohm load?
If anyone has enclosure dimensions that would be very helpful too(.6 ft3)
One more question, "all sides lined with 1-inch fiberglass or fiberfill" On the sealed box I would make the enclosure .6 ft3, would I have to account for the fiberfill or make the box .6 ft3 then add the fiberfill.I have never used fiberfill in the other enclosures.
thanks for your time.

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Sealed is going to give you better sq, it produces a tighter bass response, and looking at the specs for that sub, .6 with fiberfill, good luck finding a prefab to match exact, but you can come close.
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