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Subwoofers subwoofers subwoofersThomas E Miller4
Help with subsSiX2
Gas qualitySiX16
Are all products @ new?mike1
Would it sound ok to have 2 id 12" and 1 id max 12" in same car...jeremy george1
Need help on sub size!!!!!/\/\ike12
2 subwoofers in 1 boxscott DeBaker7
What would be louder?Anonymous5
Amp for sale...Quick Shot5
Math help and suggestionsroy white1
Need help wiring dvcArturo Saucedo7
Best amp for 2 Kicker L7 D2SuperFly8
Wow, mixed submikechec97
Best place to buyMr. Brown9
Would There BeYoung James3
Info on sum RE stuff(not price list)SiX17
Box plans for a RE SX 12?baseball11872
How will this setup sound?AGG449
What amp?AGG444
CompVRs vs. alpineRNick Neander13
Question about new subs but now less audioEric Peemoeller3
Help with specsloc-dog4
How much do you payBrandon10
Need help on new box!!Compluva2
Subs for Sale with Actual pictures Chad16
Which is loudest out of the two??Tim Is Here8
Old trucker needs help Anonymous12
Infinity vs Diamond vs MemphisAdam Hobgood9
Something different.....for a change. BEST SQ Songs.SuperFly33
IS IT WORTH IT?CadillacDb22
Money question?Chad17
Where did all the threads go i can only find a fewSiX8
Lol, I'm back!MuddyWaters4
8W7 Ported or Sealed, AMP??? iwrk4satan3
TO : Alexander the NOT SO GreatMuddyWaters35
I'm back toooooooooooo :-)...MuddyWaters20
Noise cancellation??Sean Gibson4
Help me out pleaseJohn11
Atlas vs. avalancheChauncey,Rovin,Chad,91
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12'sblakktalon11
Kicker Square SubsChauncey,Rovin,Chad,7
SPL vrs SQMaddrakkett34
Optima redtop vs. yellowtopmikechec95
Eclipse titaniumJake Hill6
Refurbished subsmrcrazydude3
Re se with xxx soft partsChad Lee3
Refurbished subsmrcrazydude4
Thinking of replaceing the kappa perfects...need helpSuperFly3
SX 15" boxCompluva5
Not car audio...but i need helpCompluva1
Quick questionChauncey Brown8
Best sub under $1000mrcrazydude18
2 type Rs and kicker kx1200.1mrcrazydude2
MA AudioSean Gibson22
Subwoofer install in bx enclosurealex farris2
Anyone have optimum ported box specs for 2 type R 12s. Chad Lee6
Will 1 10" jl w-7 be enough??stefan schluneger2
Most important question ever...2+2=56
FOR SALE,2000 rms 15 inch AW1508T, 2 ohms DVCCadillacDb48
Interesting article on AP enclosures fo anyone interestedChauncey Brown10
My system as loud?Chauncey Brown18
Audiobahn a8000t to power alpine type-r?Brett11
12" Type R ported?Brett15
Dual Chamber Ported BoxHarrison Martin3
Oh happy dayRichie Rich22
Help with amp, 1 or 2 channel?SuperFly9
SuperflyChad Lee6
Help w/ my friends subs (very strange)James Longo4
Better then...SuperFly2
I dont know what to get? Jonothan? Issac? MO? anybody?MO7
Hows this set up?mrcrazydude3
My setup (almost final)mikechec92
Box shapeTyler5
When are you satisfied with your systemmixneffect33
Thermo Dampscott DeBaker4
Setup Help PlzDustin Pettit2
Idmax and xxxmatt thigpen16
Will it fit?Jeffrey Both59
Avalanche, L7, brahmaAnonymous31
JL AUDIOJustin Baker11
Best SQ sub for under $300two4fifteen11
Im an idiot helpJake Davis6
Got new sub!! JL 13w7 (for sale 2-15" 2002 model L7's) help with en...bigkzilla8
Help me!!Quick Shot4
Kicker CVR15 W/ ported box for sale!Chris Person6
Qts .4316 what does this mean?REDSKIN14
Should i buy a used system?CadillacDb36
Is this a Good sub?Get Big4
Overlooked Amplifiers the Soundstream Van GoghsBrian Tucker2
Is This Amp Any Good.Brian Tucker16
Mikechec9 would this worksean7
Chad......lanzar NO re audio Y3
Car setup setup possible?no more lanzar's4
Time running out Seans car audio salesean1
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