I dont know what to get? Jonothan? Issac? MO? anybody?


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I know im in subwoofer area

I need a head unit. I have a JL 10W7 in H.O. and JL 500/1.... but the best part is the fact that I have a stock HU... I dont know where to start I was thinking Nakamichi (cd 500), but they are to hard to get. Then I was thinking Eclipse... but my car just got broken into and I would like a detachable face plate so I'm thinking mabe a cda 9851 from alpine (notice how I dont care about the plasma screen or glide touch) I just want quality specs, an mp3, digital time corection and that good stuff that make better sound, but not stuff like tilt, colors, fancy, displays, hard drives, and all the stuff that u pay for and dont need. I'd like 25 rms x4, 8v preouts, digital time corection, a sweet equalizer, POWER, DURABILITY AND SOUND QUALITY.

It could honestly look like a log of sh*t just as long as is sounds and performs good.

All I want is a something like a high end Eclipse with a detachable face plate that sounds as good as a Nakamichi and has no retarded navigation or any of that crap. I could care less if the thing can change from purple to orange.


oh and somewhere around retail 300-700$

I can get my stuff at cost

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The Premier line of cd/mp3 deck has a higher preout than Alpine (6.5v) so thats what most of us are using . I & alot of the guys on this forum have the Premier 860 model but u posted u don't need all the bells/whistles . Good choice would be Premier DEH-P8MP - check specs out on Pioneer's website .

Oh & btw the way the Premier has the higher voltage than the regular Pioneer deck ....

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i have the deh p8mp. its very nice. i like it alot.

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I like my Kenwood...It pretty much sticks with Kenwood's old vintage receiver/amp styles. There aren't any Bump/Powerful/Jazz/Rock/Rap/SuperBASS settings. It's got HPF/LPF, Para. Eq., Speaker settings, Frequency settings, Vol. diff. setting, it's got a LOT of settings, but none of that pre-set garbage stuff. The only preset type of thin you'll find is the loudness setting. And I'll tell you what, it's got just about the same sound of loudness gain that my vintage Kenwood gear has, and that stuff is great.

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too bad they don't make pullouts anymore. last year someone broke in to my car and took my stereo without the face. damn how sad is that.

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Justin, i whould go with either last years Alpine 9835 or last years Eclipse CD5444 or 8454

Hard to beat those HU's i mentioned above.

I personally have the Eclipse CD8454 and the Pioneer Premier 860mp

Stick with one of these and you will be very happy.
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