SX 15" box


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in the process of putting some plans together for a box... the SX should be here early next week.

i'm looking at doing 4ft^3 at 35hz. I'm looking for a SQL box tuning and I'm hoping thats not too high. What do you think? What about the volume? The slot port would be 14x3.5 = 49 in^2. Is that enough area? (odd port dimensions because the height is limited so the sub will face up and port back)


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3.5-4.5 cu ft tuned to 30-35hz will sound pretty darn good 40-50sq inches of port will be ok.

Mine is in ~5cuft tuned to 31hz (daily) w/ 50sq inches of port, and let me tell you...stuff MOVES.

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marshall - I have tried to IM you on AIM a few times but you're never on?

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I'm hoping I don't lose a lot of the low end going up to 35hz, but I dont want it to roll off as low as my Ava did

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ive been thinkin about a 15" sx too (that is in about a year when i can legally drive lol)

what is the SQ comparable 2?
what is it complarable 2 in spl?
thanx a bunch..

btw i have kickin plans for a ported box lol
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