How much do you pay


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to have your system metered?

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i think they sell dB things at the store. look online

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check your local audioshops to see if they have a meter, and ask them if they will do it for a small fee of something.

otherwise you will have to buy a meter.
those can get pretty pricey depending on how accurate you want it.

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The local shop by me charges $25 for a half hour. Not too bad i guess?

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where do you usually position the mic

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uhh, in your ear - duh. :-)

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Ok I found a local shop that charges $20.

Where a good places to find out about comp. rules? The guy at the shop told me I need to be hitting around 152-154 in the class I will be in.

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wow u better have some serious amps/subs then. breaking 150 on a TL is quite an honor.

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if your looking for Db Drag rules, they can be found on
you can also purchase the Term Lab meter from there, if you have around $800 to spend, lol.
and the mic goes on the windshield on the lower passenger side. they use a jig to position it the same in all cars.
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