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New subs/Need Help in Purchase informationtaylor172
WTH do they make MTs in .7 and 1.4 ohm configurations..Joe Smoe9
Kicker VS. JL audioTrevor Eaton21
Box HelpJoe Smoe4
Can u plz help me joe?GlassWolf2
Where can i get a re sx12Joe Smoe2
How Much Does an RE SX cost?MuddyWaters21
12" subs, what kind?Mike5
Just venting my... GriefJonathan42
Will an re sx12 hit hard as hell? Vic Trivette8
1 type r aginst 2 kicker comp'sQuick Shot 4ever11
Which subs should i get???Matt f5
One 12" alpine X in what kind of box?Anonymous3
Check out this funny sh!tJoe Smoe7
I need help Matt f2
Two 15" SX or One 15" MT ???Isaac7
A subsitute for a subless design system?Tyler3
Need some help plzeddie Tavarez2
Buying new subs.. 2 type r's or one Xjake papa3
Are power acoustik subs any goodCoolio Bob1
Infinity or kickerdustin pettit4
Finished Ported box (gw)matt2
IDQ 12" subs w/ 600 watts or 300?Travis4
Series or paralleltaylor172
Glasswolfe i like to seeGlassWolf5
Where can i get a re sx12GlassWolf2
Type R 10 Box plansWahl3
Looking for 2 12s for around $300Jerrone Hornbeak4
Type-R and Alpine mrd-m605 or RE SE 12 with Kicker KX600.1 which is...Jerrone Hornbeak10
Re audio researchIsaac W.4
Paying for a SX box...Justin60
Orion AmpsGlassWolf9
Types of portsGlassWolf2
Box buildingWahl4
12' Infinity 1230W sealed box questionRFINF4
Question on boxLiL Jon4
ID MAX 12" better than JL 13W7 ???Rovin6
RE SE 12 inch subwoofer boxMike Johnson1
Are RE SX 12s gonna hit???Robert2
Apline X box, and amp Eric Sony5
Wanted 15 subs. helpRovin48
Blown or not blown....quick easy question.Kevin Bosini5
MY SETUP!Quick Shot 4ever5
Building a boxWahl4
RE questionGlassWolf12
Speaker spec InformationGlassWolf3
Many people have been asking these Qs... answers heremarshall white8
Ebay auctionJoe Smoe6
Which subs outdo which?Rovin5
Need a sub to complement this setup...howie feltersnatch12
Help with box tuning marshall,joe?Clint From Alabama9
Thanks for the help, one of my subs is installed700031
Quick questionAnonymous4
Atlas vs kickerdustin pettit9
I want 2 RE audio subs, preferably mts, but i dont care, help me!!!doug blohm2
I want 2 12" RE subs, SE or above...can you help me find some for c...doug blohm2
RE MT and DD 9500Richard Hassler21
12" or 15"Rovin11
Are kicker comps CVR any good?GlassWolf6
Wats better mt or xxxGlassWolf8
Xperts for adviceGlassWolf6
Glasswolf your expertise is neededGlassWolf2
OK... Quit holding out ... How do I fix my tinsel leads?GlassWolf7
WUT THA ! wuts wrong???GlassWolf20
Jl 500/1 gain and bass boostmadeupmane5
What would you choose?FlipityFlap5
Eclipse Aluminum 12"...what amp shoild i power this with?MazdaMan9
Need some help about some subsMazdaMan6
Any one know the price of a RE MT 18intensive care15
2005 Alpine Type R 12"boredaussie1
Anything better than a type rMazdaMan16
I could have paid 700 for a sub box but....mixneffect21
My avalanche must be blown..... :-(mikechec98
What sounds bettermikechec96
Bass knob questionSean Gibson4
Alt. questionJonathan3
Joe, box box! marshal.. box box.. lolJustin6
Finally got rid of it!!!Joe Smoe10
Diamond audioStevie doo7
Pick one of these subs for me!Tyler18
Chris KleinGlassWolf6
MTX 4500's vs. RE12'sChris Person7
JL W7 reversed?Simon J Casey5
Would this amp power my sx?Isaac5
Price of a sx rom re?MuddyWaters2
What can i wire a quad 1 ohm sub to?GlassWolf4
Rockford Fosgate BABY!GlassWolf3
Speaker GrillsGlassWolf11
Whats wrong with my sub?GlassWolf2
Do you know the ph. # for RE audio?MuddyWaters9
Power Acoustik MOFOs????Justin4
Which sub hits harder with 900 watts at 1 ohm?Sean Gibson5
1022d type r Rob Fox2
Help with 18" solo xJustin9
Paying for a SX box...Justin1
What's an ideal amp for an 18" X.X.X.marshall white3
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