Xperts for advice


well i have come to a dilemma

in the past month i have gone through 2 alpine Type X and 2 eclipse ti's (both sets are 12 in models)

the x's werent cutting it in the spl department
the ti's had more spl but too much sq

i sold my tahoe recently and bought an old bronco that was currently restored-- new frame and everything- no rust :-)

my main question is that i am going to spend about 2g's on subs alone-- maximum

i already have bought 2 extra 1000/1 to go along with my two rf 1501db

im looking to get around 5000w rms and am unsure what to buy-- i already bought all the electrical neccesities- other than wiring and dis block

should i go the monster spl way and buy some MT's?

this is not going to be a daily driver system- mostly local spl competition

or should i go the extremist way and buy some 18 in solobaric X's (i know a kicker dealer who would get me 3-4 for 2 g's)

any help im up for any brand

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Digital Designs - 9900 series:-)
Resonant Engineering - MT:-)
Treo - CSX:-)
try looking at those, very suited for what you are trying to accomplish.


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each can take several kilowatts. and don't let the rms ratings on the DD and Treo fool you, that is just a safety net for people who might blow them from hooking them up wrong and try to say "well you said it could handle "x" amount watts and i gave it that and it blew" Uploadlol

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"the x's werent cutting it in the spl department
the ti's had more spl but too much sq"

How can a sub have too much sq? Do you like listening to junk? I meen, no offence, it just sounds odd, lol.

Anyways, If you have some serious cash, and want to compete, then I'd look into DD's 9900 series. One DD 9917 is gonna use up pretty much all of your two grand, but it sure would be worth it, and I'm pretty sure you'd waste anybody in a local competition.

Actually, if I had 2 grand I'd look for some newer TC Sounds drivers, but they're pretty hard to find.

If you ever feel like competing in local sound quality comps, then I'd order some Rainbow Vanidiums. Not sure on the price, but you maye be able to get a couple with 2 grand.

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i would also consider:

incriminator audio
beyond audio
atomic audio

all spl monsters

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yeah the type X, XXX, Ti, etc.. are all SQ subs. not SPL subs.
if you want SPL look at the DD 8500 or 9900, RE MT, or similar subs designed for high output.
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