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Hey, im a Jr in high school and the BIGGEST thing is the system, am i wrong? everyone is listening to the rap and pop. i dont really listen to that much. SO my Q. is should i port my box or not. I got 2 10in. mtx roadthunders in a seald box. a kid i go ta school w/ says i should b/c i get more "power" out of it. i dont know if thats tru or not. so i thought id ask some ppl that might accually know! thanks!

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Not sure what you meant by the "biggest" thing, but when it comes to car audio the most important aspect is the install.

Is the sealed box you have the 2 10's in right now made to specs, with the appropriate wattage?

If you did happen to go ported, you'd gain on average 3 db's, but that number can change a lot depending on other factors, so don't take it literally. Yes, they'll probably be a little louder ported, but only around the port tune frequency. You'll probably end up losing a little low end (I'm assuming the box won't be tuned very low since you have 10" mtx's), and your response curve isn't gonna be as flat. Judging by what you have, your not gonna gain a lot by going ported, but then again I prefer sealed boxes.

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going ported will make the system louder at or near the tuned frequency of the box..
you'd do even better to get better subs.

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This sh!t should sound cool ZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
/\/\ try 1 12'' out

I heard the little amp havent heard the sub should be ok
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