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Which 4-Channel Amp Should I Get?GlassWolf3
My amplifier was rained onHydro6
Xtant1001 AmplifierHydro15
Where can i get an inline subsonic filter???Anonymous14
Amp Overload, Help!!!Hydro5
Mono Block Amps?GlassWolf2
Amplifier Or Speakers?GlassWolf3
What amp should i get?GlassWolf4
Are the PPI art series amp goodGlassWolf5
Car amp shuts off after XM installGlassWolf5
Amps comparison question for Glasswolf and othersJBG20
Kicker KX800.4 FanAlex Swedenburg4
HELP! amp & sub advice, pleaseListenor27
NEED advise PPL!GlassWolf6
New system69vwvan3
MP3 player to ampits_bacon124
More bassGlassWolf10
Subsonic filterGlassWolf24
Amp for speakersJoshua Wahrer1
Speaker wireGlassWolf5
Help me with my ohms!!!!!!GlassWolf2
Quick wiring questionTBone6
Random QuestionTBone2
Amp shuts offJoshua Wahrer7
Blown subsmunkyjojo5
4 ohms or 2 ohms?GlassWolf3
Amateur Amp , sub and cabling questionGlassWolf2
Which ampTBone2
Amp helpOptidriven4
Max Power of Amp?GlassWolf2
Need Help from the Board Experts 2004 AcuraGlassWolf2
Do i need a capacitorits_bacon122
Wiring diagram for JBL1200.1GlassWolf8
Amplifier Location?TBone2
Audiobahn ALUM10Q Help Pleasemxdude4
Amps and subsTBone13
Help with wiring amp to two subs...Jason Sauvary24
Tbone system question350 blaze3
How does this sound........Hydro3
350_blaze read pleasewj944
How do you wire 2 amps together ?lowridinmofo98
Monitor 1 AmplifiersJBG3
Alpine mrd-m500/1 with sufficient for 2 10" type-r's?its_bacon122
AMPLIFER SEARCH for set of components & single 12 Optidriven12
JL 250/1 amp for 12" infinity kappa perfect DVC?wj9416
Can the 16 mc1300d push the 12w7. glasswolf help...shane woods5
What amps should i get with my system of subs?Tiggy23
Fix or Replace?TBone11
Amp for 2 Alpine TypeR10's?TBone2
Question wiring 2 amps to 2 subs.TBone5
Alpine ampMatt Miller4
2 or 4 Channels?Patrick Frison2
Quick Question?TBone2
For the pros here350 blaze10
Question regarding an amp on car speakersMMcCay6
PPI Art T-boneTBone4
High powered alternatorsAnonymous6
1000W amp - OK with factory alternator?famouslozer4
I got to 12 inch rockford he subs, what amp should i get?Randy Lee Stark5
Bigger-n-better350 blaze4
Is Sony 222W enough for me?TBone4
Alphasonik Amp WiringTBone18
Amp for Power AcoustikTBone4
Grounding question?kklagge11
MA-M1883IX 800W NIB = $120MMcCay1
10" Kenwood W2505TBone6
XTANT amp cheap NIB w/ warrantyMMcCay1
Brand New Never Used JL 1000/1 Amps for saleHydro1
Amp to Factory HUhondaman9919
2 Kicker Comp CVR10's...What Amp?Optidriven7
Amp problem?Anthony7747
Need help on working out wiring for more bass!TBone12
Choosing an ampTBone2
Another Unheard of brand... KOVE Audio....TBone3
Wiring 4 Chan AmpOptidriven4
Glasswolf I need your helpOptidriven2
Shiva and JBL1200.1its_bacon125
Eclipse, JL 4-ch ampsJohn Hall11
Which amp should i get.its_bacon122
Amp shelf?chas d1
W7 what amp?ctl hog6
2 Infinity 1230w + JBL 600.1????asdf2
Newbie here (on the board), looking for some sound advise TBone8
Amp SelectionTBone2
Amp questionchefj11
What Amp? Figured ya'll could help.MMcCay5
What does rofl mean?Anonymous2
RockFord Fosgate 1200 Shuts OFF help ! TBone9
Enough power?Optidriven2
Speakers not getting the signal?Dustin Duckett4
Radio ReceptionTBone2
Amp help needed.TBone3
Even More Amp ProblemsMike Schaefer3
Which amp to get???MMcCay3
Newbie needs an amp...MMcCay5
Which amp is better for this subdan dyspros4
JBL 1200.1 ==> Ohms Law QuestionGlassWolf2
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