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right now i have an optimus 340 watt, 4 channel amp in my truck. hooked to this i have 2 10' 300 watt subs(reactor audio). yeah ill admit it..this system sucks. now im looking to go for a lot better amp+sub(s). my cash flow is kind of low but im willing to save. first off.. any suggestions of what kind of amp+sub(s) to get would be nice. what you suggest, though, cant come from the internet, it needs to be from a store or somewhere where i can call by the phone. another problem i face is that the amp cant be crazy hard on my alternator. all i really want the amp for is some really, really good bass. Any suggestions?

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Username: Munkyjojo

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the more i thnk about it.. ill probably just buy a better alternator.

get a JBL BP300.1 or BP600.1

if you get the 300.1 get 2 12" kicker comps
if you get the 600.1 get 2 10"or12" compVRs

in an audio shop 10" compVr's run about $120 each.
I'f you could say about $250 for subs and $300 for an amp and build your own box...if would sound pretty good......

what kinda car do you have???

also if u go ebay...i know you didnt want can get a pair of compVr10's for about $150 shipped and a JBL 600.1 for about $200 shipped.....

alot less that in an audio shop....and you can get a warranty through ebay that will protect you investment...i have a JBL600.1 off of ebay and the 1 year warranty...that amp is great!!!

ebay~ $350+wiring+installation(local shop or self)

audio shop~$550(maybe more maybe less)+wiring+install

take your pick.....

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What's your buget and what are you using right now? Well, you have a amp and subs right now So the lomger you save the better stuff you will get.Best bang on subs I'd have to say against kickers would be the adire shiva's I've heard them there great. Do your research on what your going to buy every store most likely will tell you that what they sell is the best. And they usually push the line, that makes them the most money .There is a list on one of these posts here stating the good, the bad, and the ugly. I'm in the same possition as you are but I'm going real big 1600 watts+ This is where you don't want to make a mistake. Read reviews about the product your going to buy . And make shure if you buy new, the place is a authorized dealer and, doesn't get there stuff from a distributor [no warranty and the same price]. You could also go old school and buy used, some of this stuff will kill new school stuff and is cheap because it's old.
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